Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Employment Stress ( an article about my current situation, and thoughts about how hard it is to get a job )

This is an article that I writing about my experience with trying to get a job in my field, having graduated from College and have got my mind focused on getting a job in my field ( computers ) and can not even get a single job, applying for over 15 jobs a day ( all entry level, junior, or intermediate, and would like to point out that it has been like 2 YEARS ), contacting recruiter after recruiter on various sites such as linkedin and so on. I have been stressing, not like getting angry or depressed and so on, but it has gone to the point that its causing me to one, but more like feeling as though for my field, all they looking for is people with work experience, even for entry level positions, telling me that they finding better people for an entry level position..... entry level, positions meant for people with NO WORK EXPERIENCE ( or little ), and yet I am not qualified. And yet, I am being told by trainers that I get to improve my skills, telling me that I am real good at what I do ( web development and testing ). I am honestly thinking giving up on getting a programming based job, cause it is close to IMPOSSIBLE. Sure they are well paid, but its getting a job that is more important than the money I COULD BE GETTING. Also, knowing that it has been 2 years and the only job that I could get was from a family friend and was only 4 months of non paid work. Knowing that I only worked for 4 months, and having a big gap on my resume, I starting to think that I will not be able to get a job next year AT ALL.

As I mentioned, this is really getting me stressed, not in the way that it makes me feel angry, not in the way that I would cry over it, but more like being so focused knowing that I have what it takes to DO the work, but not being able to HAVE it. With people telling me I have the skills to do the work, and yet being told that I am not qualified for an entry level position, I feel as though things are messed up, how is getting a general labor work easier than an entry level computer position..... general labor, easier to get because as some ads show, you can simply walk into their office and have your little interview without waiting and being hired on the spot ( as some kijiji ads say ). Yet when it comes to an entry level computer job, You can be told that you are not qualified for the position, even if the position was for recent grads....... I honestly feel like simply getting a general labor job not because i give up, not because i feel as i do not have the skills because I DO, but because at least one, i CAN get a damn job, and they most likely will not say that someone is not qualified for an entry level, recent grad position, other that or going to university and going into a program that i want to go into AND that I can get a job from.

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