Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cries Not Being Heard...

Seeing a lot of stories and stuff these days about this, about people committing suicide. We continue to focus so much effort in awairing people about these stories, but very few of us really takes the time to really put in the effort to change it. I have tried and tried for days, months working on speaking out and doing what I can to create change, but the people in power, the companies and community people who say they here for us ( like school boards ) are more focused on the well being of " their image ", meaning they worried about people wanting to share their ideas no matter how many support is behind it because they are scared that it will backfire and it will look bad to them, not focusing on the real focus, that needs to be on the students, the people, the community and giving those who need it to feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated, and to feel special in their school or wherever it is. Once they actually stop caring about themselves and start to care more about the people they say they work for, things will be much MUCH better, things can truly change. It is in their hands mostly, the people in power, school boards and so on, but they continue to pretend, or not focus on what they really need to be doing, OR that they do not have the mental ability to do so, meaning they may have had hard times in their life and now the people who say they work for us is more focused on themselves, and less on the people because of their troubled history. There must be a mental test for those in power who really look as though they are only focused on themselves more, and can not see that they are putting more effort on themselves than others. No one can truly change things if the people in power is stuck, focused, and glued on themselves and their needs.

I have visited my old high school one day, and talked to my old teachers, they were real nice and stuff, but cause of the new principle, who was real strict and so focused on her own needs. she did not even take any time to hear the idea I had, sure she had the time to let me sit down with her to talk about it, but she told me that I had NOTHING to show her because I do not have the experience, like a degree in something, EVEN THOUGH I had life coaches, and doctors who said that what I had to show was something that would really help schools and so on. She didn't even ask if I had the contact info for them ( which I do ) . If they do not even take the time to sit down and hear an idea, or even read an idea, then how can someone tell them anything, even at assemblies and so on? People must be tested before putting them in a big strong position that should be focused on others, not themselves, and I mean more than just getting a degree and studies and so on.

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