Thursday, 8 August 2013

What Is Freedom?

What is " freedom" these days? What is it to be safe? With so much bullying and chaos and so many greedy " community organizations " in the world, how can we truly be free? With people stealing and taking our ideas, our life, our souls, and many more, what is it to really "be"?

People say "ending it" will set one free. People say that's just how life is. People say just deal with it. How long shall we simply deal with all the wrong in the world? With the stories of horrific issues, deaths, suicide, abuse, and worse, how can we truly make our voice heard?

Some may feel free, but what about those suffering? Shall we continue to focus more on giving " the living " more and more things to celebrate their happiness, or focus on doing both, Creating fun and entertainment, as well as ways to give those suffering to stick out and become something special in life. My opinion is that in order for life to truly feel free for all, everyone, " living " or suffering, must have their time to shine, one way or another. Everyone has something special in them, so why not have something for those suffering to truly show what they got? Something to truly make everyone feel wanted, needed, liked, loved, adored, and so on. Really, how hard it is to create something to give the voiceless the chance to have their voice truly be heard?

To me, everyone is not truly free until everyone has their time to shine, in one way or another. Me myself, I have only been good at computer stuff, wasn't really that much of a poet or anything, mostly because of my depressed life in the past caused by bullying. Now the most important thing to me is to make peoples lives better in any way possible, not as a computer engineer, as it says on my resume, but as a leader of life. Some may say that it sounds selfish, but the truth is, every single one of us has what it takes to truly become leaders of life, to truly make big changes in the world, to be somebody. Sure there are things that may block you from being heard, people ignoring you, people seeing you as a no body, or nothing special. If you know that you somebody, and feel it deep down in your soul, in your guts, every inch of you, never let people bring you down. Stand up and prove them wrong, bring out a better life for yourself and for others. Always be you and don;t let others change what you are and who you are. Stand up and make things happen no matter what people do and say. Create true freedom for everyone. All you got to do is stand up and be heard.

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