Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Dark Painful Path To A Greater Future.

The path to be free, the path to a more livable life, the path to be. It can be a really long, real painful, real rough path to endure and to overcome. It is something that most people face in their life. It is something that can lead one to fall into deep depression, insanity, or WORSE. We continue hearing the cries of those suffering, begging and pleading for something to set them free, but most of the time it is ignored, pushed aside, or worse. Not everyone goes through this however. Most people in power continue to focus their efforts more on keeping those who are " living " a bigger and better future. Guess things will always be better for others than us. 

The suffering of bullying on the souls of victims, really hard to run away from. There are all sorts of bullying in the world, cyber bullying, physical bullying, mental ( verbal ) bullying, all sorts of bullying. Most victims can never get away from it, it can cause one to feel trapped even when they finally out of the place they were suffering in. The world of a victim is a life no one else can truly understand. It can be changed, if only there was something where they can truly show what they can do, something that will make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and more. No need to worry about spending money to make it work, actions speak louder than words, if only our voices were heard and ideas like that. 

Abuse, scary situation when its in a relationship. It can cause one to do things horrific, or worse. It can cause one to loose all sight of what's right and what's wrong. Can cause mental damage, and cause one to think that hurting is a part of life. Can cause one to continue to hurt one's self even after being out of an abused area. It could be one of the worst things, but can be turned around. Find the right people, not the ones that may seem perfect, every " perfect " man or woman may have a darker, more scarier side to them. Not everyone is, but having suffered the way you have ( you meaning the one suffered ), your life, your health, your mental well being, YOU matter most of all. 

In these dark times, we all need to look for a more brighter side to life. Away to set people truly free. We have kept people " aware " of situations for far too long, how long will " awareness " be the focus, when everyone already knows. When will " action " be the focus? All we have to do is truly stand up, speak up, and create change. Take a stand and make the change. 

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