Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Call For Heroes And Leaders

I will be posting a few blog posts about my thoughts for a little while ( few days ). I have made various poems and song lyrics in the past, feel free to go and look them up, but right now, I wish to get myself back to what really matters to me, Creating change, hope, and life for the voiceless. " the voice of the voiceless"

 My first article is about how this world needs people to stand up, voices and sounds of life. In a world with so many problems, bullying, abuse, people in power ignoring the cries for help from those who they say they are helping, so many people in need of change. How can they continue to let the suffering continue, are the people in power simply ignoring the cries, or is this their way of revenge for the pain that they suffered? How long can they continue to take advantage of us, to steal from us, to use the cause for a better life to simply increase their income or fame? What can we do to change this!?!

I have made various articles in the past, few of the links are below, about ways to stop bullying in schools. their must be something that will show our kids that they have something to give. Every one of us is special in our own way, and there must be something put in place to allow students to freely show what they can do, NOT including dance competitions and so on. I am talking about something where students can truly show what they can do to change things in their schools and even in various other schools. Students who are bullied are likely to fall into depression, as I have in the past. In order to control, and to stop the pain from building into falling into depression, the student needs to know for himself, not just from others, that they have something special. Something that will change the minds of the victims, that they are far better than what anyone tells them. 

Abuse, other in a relationship or in a family, is usually caused by lack of understanding, or a mental issue. A sign of this could be from having suffered in the past ( example, bullied in some way ) that lead one to have a hateful feeling for certain people. If someone was suffering so much to the point that they started to hate the slightest positive comment to someone else, it can cause them to abuse someone. My point in mentioning this is that abuse is always a mental issue. My reason for mentioning this is not to defend abuse in any way, NOT AT ALL. My reason is to stop abuse, we must control that " mental case ". If, however, it can not be control, then that person, the abusive person, must be locked up, or shown the same, weather its locking them in a room with videos of abuse playing, showing that person what he has been causing to others. If, however, this does not change one's view on life, That person must be locked up, or isolated, saving others from harm. 

My purpose of this article was to give an introduction into how this world needs heroes and leaders, people to step up and to change things. No more shall we wait and watch from the sidelines as the people in power continue to steal, abuse, control our way of life. No longer shall we wait and hope for the best. We will create a better life not just for ourselves but for everybody. We have it in ourselves to make this area better, to make this land better, to make this country better, TO MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER. All we got to do, is stand up.

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