Wednesday, 7 August 2013

So Pointless To Take Action ( sarcastic title, you will see what I mean from the article )

Its so pointless to talk about bullying, when people are in fear and falling into depression. Its so pointless to take action against abuse, when people are suffering in " horrific relationships " ( abusive relationship ). Its pointless to stop thieves when people's precious possessions are being forced out of people's hands. No need to listen to the cries of the people, when millions of suffering hands are reaching out, begging for change. Why save the lives of the suffering when we can have dances, sports, things that will bring happiness to those living.

As you probably have guessed, that paragraph on top was just sarcastic. The reason i wrote that was that those in power that choose to ignore any single cry for help, those in power that hear from victims of " hell ", but yet continue to do what they normally do, without even trying to change. Now I am not talking about every single person in power, there are those good ones. However, I can think of a few, and have made speeches to a few, that do ignore, that do choose to push away people who stand up and give out so much knowledge of how things can be better, but they choose to ignore. Some of them ignore just because your experience is not written down, like a resume. Think about it for a second, what matters more, the effort one takes to create change, the effort to stand up and speak out, having people listening to them, especially having doctors and life coaches support your actions. Does that matter more than having something written down on a piece of paper ( resume )?

These things need to change. We together need to look at who is in charge of our lives, school boards in control of the schools that our kids go to, the places where they tell you that you will be safe, but yet you hear so much sad stories about the place. We as people need to stand up and demand a change, to be heard, and to take control of our lives, and make things better not just for you but for everybody. We have a voice to change this, each and every one of us has something special, something that can really make a big difference and create a better future for everyone. All we got to do is stand up and be heard.