Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Signs of Life ( article about standing up to bullies )

Life as a victim of bullying. Some may say its hell, others a way of life, some may also tell yea that it never leaves even after leaving the place where you got bullied. Like dark shadows following you everywhere you go. I have been through a hell of a lot myself, can cause one to lose it, and also fall into deep depression. Life is never easy for those who are suffering from bullies, especially in schools. Some schools have teachers that are there to help you and give you a place to feel safe, but also some teachers that just wish and beg that you stop complaining and may even blame you for what is happening to you. Can be really bad.

HOWEVER, there will always be someone who cares, someone who understands, and someone who is on your side. Other someone around, or people online, there is always people for everyone ( like the saying " there is always someone for everyone " ). Always be yourself, the bullies do not bully because they hate you, they always bully for one reason, attention. Later in life, you will see that you have something special, and you will see people who like you for you.

There are always signs of life. Signs that make you feel welcomed, alive, awakened, and feeling great about things. I know how it feels, you can see the link to my story below. Always remember to never let them change who you are. Always be yourself, the more they bully you, the more you should prove them wrong. Use it to your advantage, and in the future, you will see yourself on top, and them with less.

an idea i have for anti bullying:

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