Monday, 19 August 2013

Open Handed People ( meaning those who rather open their hands to others than fist up to you )

The people who are open to anyone and everyone. The people who not afraid to give people a hand. The people who give their life for others. The people who will forever put people before anything else. These are the people who should be in position of power of our communities, but seems that some people are more concerned about having money and more money.

The open handed people understand and know how serious, how bad, and how sometimes horrific life can become. They understand the looks in peoples eyes, the cries for help, even the silent cries. The ones that reach out and bring hope because they know, understand, feel, and also have been through ( or know someone that has ) all the issues that the victims have. Open handed people are those who no matter what situation you are in, they are always there to give you a hand, other to comfort, or support you, or both.

Open handed people live their lives not for the sake of fame or wealth or anything of that sort, but to bring a brighter future for others. We all must aim to open our hearts, our arms, and our hands to those who are suffering, to those who are not truly living. Never do things for others for money, always open yourself to others, FOR OTHERS. Open your hands to the world, and the world will open up to you. :)

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  1. This is just beautiful and thank you for sharing it with us. Kahlil Gibran said in "The Prophet" it is better to give of oneself than of our possessions.
    Blessed Be