Monday, 12 August 2013

Money The Issue.... Really?

Money, all that seems to matter these days. So many focus on money, like it is the source of control over change. Like the one with the most money can truly make the most change. People wishing for change, but reaching for gold. Sounds strange that the greedy saying that they will help to bring change, stealing money from people, showing it off by what they spend on, and promises for a better future for the suffering. How does that sound to you?

Now I not saying getting money and working to be rich is a bad thing, as long as you do it the right way, and also don't speak bullshit, meaning stay true, always speak the truth. If you promising for better future for the suffering, then stop focusing  all of your money for " the living ". STOP SHOWING OFF!! If you are all about the money and want to give " the living " all they want, then admit it and stop bull shitting about " promises for change " if it will never happen from you.

For those who think " well how can change be made with no or little money? " or something like that. Well think of it this way, Having an anti bullying group in schools, posting papers of the logo and name of the group that has been drawn out with a pencil. No need to worry about money, doesn't even have to be any special type of paper. The view of change is not important, the actions, the efforts, the planning for change is much more important than having colorful lights and sounds and so on. If money really matters that much, then screw the money, but don't let the money be the reason why we have to stop the changes for better life.

I would like to also mention that being online and sharing these thoughts on life is free, and people listen and like and give feedback and share and so on, seems like there more efforts from us than the greedy ones who " promises " change.

A quote from a rapper
"Are you a mess?
Well money can buy you respect and success
Are you depressed?
Well money can buy you happiness so invest
It's all about winning, coming up and knocking down
Is your head spinning? Money makes the world go round
And around..."
"Why are we so concerned with our money?
If it's the root of evil why are we still planting seeds? "

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