Saturday, 10 August 2013

Leader Of Life ( LOL )

A time for change is now. We all understand what is happening in the world. We all know of all the pain that's in the world, the suffering, the cries for help. The cries for anti bullying, the cries to stop. The worried faces, the scared souls. When will we truly take action in bringing about change? Well I believe NOW is the time to create a real strong stand against all the pain, bullying, all of the suffering needs to end.

What do you think of these points: 

  • A group of leaders, who strongly believe that things need to change
  • A group where no matter who you are, you are welcome, as long as you have that burning flame for change inside you
  • A group where no matter where you are, you have people to reach out to that ready and able to help you feel comfortable, and who will help you through the dark times
  • A group where anyone, with any skills, can join, if you have that passion for change, you welcome in this group 
  • A group that will work with you to get your voice heard, to get our voice heard. For example, if you not good at creating a speech, we  ( the members )  will create one for you together, to make it the best it can be, so then all you got to do is go out there and read it. 
  • A group that will not stop, until the voices of the voiceless are truly heard, and everyone is truly free. 

I wish to create something to truly stick out and something that is stronger than any. My intention is NOT to ruin or break up any bond with other places, but BOND them together, bond everyone together who have the passion, the desire for change. I have created a Google community ( link below ) , call it a base of operations, it is only a start for bigger and better things. I believe the very first step in starting something like this would first be gathering people. I do not call them ( you ) followers because in this group, there is no ONE leader, but many. We all have it in us to become leaders, to support, help, lead, and create something new, and thus we all will be considered leaders, supporters, helpers.  NO ONE PERSON WILL EVER TELL YOU THEY ARE BETTER, NO ONE PERSON WILL TAKE THEIR IDEAS AS JUST ( meaning if someone wanted to create a speech and say that this is what everyone will read, and no editing or anything can be put into it, that is a sign of force, and will not be tolerated in this TRUE FREE SPEAK group, anyone who joins and spreads out anything and says that it was apart of our work, without the group knowing anything about it, will be kicked, the group is meant so that no one is left out, we will make sure that most of the people in the group have seen and gave their opinion on anything that is shared before it goes out to others ). This group is and will be focused on free speak, support, leadership, kindness, and above all else, the caring of other people's opinions, words, way of life, feelings, and any other issue related to what has been mentioned. 

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