Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday, Not The Best Day For Everyone

Well its Friday, final day of school, the day to forget about your job and to do what you want for 2 and a half days. The day to feel alive, away from all of that stress of work and relaxing with all that you got and all that you do. Turn up the music, party all night, and forget about your worries about work and so on. If only everyone could feel that way, and have all that.

Fridays are not a day to feel alive to everyone. There are people who are scared of that day, and even the word " Friday ". The voiceless, the isolated ones, the scared suffering ones, the people stuck in abusive life ( meaning with an abusive partner or family or something), how can they feel alive?

Fridays are days of celebration, relaxing, and so on, but you can not forget about those who can't have non or very little of that. Always try you best to leave a little time to share your time with them in any way you can. A small online chat, share a drink with them, you never know what little action can do. Any little action of connection can bring about hope, life, and just signs of happiness in their soul. Make this day feel good for those who don't feel it.

Fridays are about getting out of your stressful work week and into a time of living and being you, but you should remember those who can not feel that way about Fridays and try your best to give a little of your time for them. Share your happy life with those who can't, even if its for a little while. This day is all about feeling free, why not reach out your hand to them and make it a day of freedom for everyone :)

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