Thursday, 22 August 2013

Buried Under ( Article about feeling alone )

Being trapped in a real dark isolated space, feeling lonely and bleeding from the inside. Breaking mentally, and physically, breaking apart. Feeling depressed, sad, alone, trapped in this place with no sign of light. Down and gone, my soul lost, people may be around, but yet I the one isolated, trapped. 

People burying, isolating, breaking others down in ways that make people feel buried, making people want to bury themselves in any way possible to save themselves from others. No longer looking for people for support, scared of the outcome because of their past experiences. Isolated, but yet not alone. 

There are others who feel the same way, others who are also buried in their own issues. Isolated, trapped, not knowing what to do, who to call, or where to go. People in fear of what is to become of them, what could happen, what might happen. People may suffer, but there is always a way out. 

Coming together, bonding together, digging people out of their trapped buried state. The effort to open your hands to others, give them a sign of hope. Give them something that will make them finally feel free. Without any effort, people will continue to be buried deeper and deeper in their hole. Together, we can do more than just dig them out, but show them and give them life. Together, we can uncover everyone's inner strengths, something in them that is like no other. Together, we can be free. 

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  1. I really hope whoever this is about, gets some therapy. There is hardly anything better for depression than having someone to talk things out to and with.
    I went through some depression after some tragedy I won't speak of hear, and I refused drug treatment; I believe people can heal themselves and that depression, no matter how terrible it feels, is a necessary stage a person has to go through. It has even been witnessed in the animal kingdom.
    So to whoever this is about, I say "hang in there!" And find someone, anyone willing to listen even if it is for a few moments. Moments become hours, and hours become days and so on--that is depression's home. But once you start subtracting a few moments from its grasp, you weaken the hold it has on you by a small amount. And so it goes, the secret, or I should say, the method of escape is simply to continue finding an outlet, so the person doesn't sink into the INLET, which leads to a chasm and eventually an abyss.