Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bullying Must Be Silenced

Bullying may never end, because of greed, revenge, and the addiction of getting noticed. It will always be there in a certain way. However, there are ways to control it, to heal the pain, and to silence the hate. 

The bonds of kindness, and caring of others, creates bonds that can not be broken. Bonds that create a brighter future not only for one, but for many. Does not have to look all colorful and lovely as some may think about the word " love ". It is a feeling, and a form that creates hope for people, and can be made in any way. So always be the way you want to be, look the way you wish to look, but always remember that not everyone feels that way about life, and try to give a hand to them in one way or another, in a harmless manner. 

The sounds of life, the wall of hope, the voice of the people. Giving your time to speak up in any way you can, will bring about a sign of hope for those who do not feel it. Work with others, bond together, and create a better future for all by sharing your hard times, and thoughts on how to help others. 

Bullying may scream, may yell, may break and shatter, but it can be silenced. It may be out of control, but can be controlled. Can be hurtful, but can be healed. All you need to do is stand up and speak out and give your hand to those in need, and they will do the same. 


  1. I like this post please check mine out as well it was a post in may call what makes a work how bully?

    1. Thank you :) and I am looking for yours right now :)