Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Window To A True Safe Life

Looking out my window, seeing what life could be. Freedom for all, the light shining on every one of us. A life of no fear, signs of hope everywhere. Everyone having their time to be somebody, to show what they truly made of. To be the way they want to be, and not what they wish they can. A world where people's voices are truly heard, not ignored or pushed aside. A world of true life for everyone, no longer in fear or suffering.

All students truly safe from harm. Taking a stand, taking control, showing all that they have to offer. A world where the bullies are slapped in the face, not my hand, but by a new stronger force of anti bullying in every school. No longer is there any student forced in isolation, forced to live their lives scared and in fear, and no longer will any one student have to worry about their cries for help being ignored in any way.

A view of true light. No longer is there any voices unheard, no opinion pushed aside, no thought ignored. No longer is there cries for help, but cries of happiness.

The world I see out of my window is just so much more worth living then what It is inside. In the world we are in now, hate, bullying, selfishness, hate, people who are so fixed on their own needs of the world. With the cries for change of the suffering being ignored and pushed aside, will this world ever be the way that is shown out my window, or will we be forever trapped inside, our voices unheard, the cries for help ignored.

They say they doing what they can to change the world, yet they continue to focus on the people " living" and less on the people " suffering ". We must make it balance, keep making life better for both sides, not just push aside the victims to a dark corner of " the room " while the people feeling alive and awake having full control of it. They may make the rules, but it is us as people, as the community that they have to work for and have to listen to, even if they try their hardest to ignore, to change things for the better. All we have to do is stand up and speak.

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