Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Bully's Life ( a short story )

One day, there was a bully named Bill, who had little to nothing, and the only thing he could do to make himself feel comfortable was to make others feel worse than he does. He used to go around his school and community, and abused anyone that he came across just so that he can feel better about his life. Causing fear everywhere he went, seeing all of cries around him, he laughs and laughs at all the suffering souls around him. No sign of guilt on his face. In his mind, he thought that it was his responsibility to make himself happy by creating fear and suffering in others, just so he can have his life.

Life seemed so bright in his eyes, not a single sign of happiness around him. After a few days, he walked around at what he has created, but could not see the signs of suffering. Instead, he saw a wall of courage, signs of hope. People bonding together, surrounding him, creating fear in bill's eyes. He started pushing and forcing the bond to break, but couldn't. the "walls" just got closer and closer to the point that there was no sign of escape for bill, no where to run, no where to hide. He went on his knees begging for forgiveness, but ever single one of the people turned their back on him, causing bill to feel isolated, alone, and fearing for his life.

The next day, Bill was still begging and begging any way he can to be seen by the people that he once abused, stole, and bullied. He started doing things that made him look even worse. Using things such as drugs, exposing people ( if you understand what I mean by that ), and various other things. People only felt sorry for what he has become, so much that they felt like Bill needed a time out, meaning JAIL TIME.

He was locked up for years for all he has ever done. However, it has not changed anything, Bill got so used to bullying, abuse, and all of the other things he done, that he thought that no matter what happened to him, he just felt like it was just how his life was. Thought that the other people just had " a problem with the way he living ". Bill continued to do what he always done, continued to abuse, and expose people, beg for forgiveness, serve jail time, and come back out and do the same stuff over and over again.

In time, the people chose to ignore Bill completely, no longer going anywhere near him. Bill could not see anyone around him to take advantage of. He got so angry that he broke  into someone's house to murder them, but when the police came in to arrest him, he tripped and fell onto something and died.

Some bullies will always be bullies, will always want to cause chaos and fear in life for their enjoyment, but in time, it will be them who suffer the most. 

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