Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World So Corporate ( poem )

Life is turning more corporate, more business

From the need to take care of one another, to take caring of what we got

Manipulation, scams, all aimed at money making

Saying they care, but showing off, bragging

Showing how much they make, and not what they do

Is this real, or are they trying to screw

To give false hope for change, when taking our money

They give false sense of a better future, but continue to steal, bully

The signs are their in various companies, whether people want to see it or not

We want to stop bullying, but we need your money for more " jump shots "

Sports, dances, things for those who are living

But what about the other side, what about those suffering

When will money be less important than the people

Why do they steal from us even though they tell us its illegal

When will they see that they are wrong

When will all of us truly get along

Will the suffering forever be that

Will they wait until they see them fall flat

When will be the day this all changes for the better

What will make things right, so this never happens again, ever

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