Thursday, 25 July 2013

Turning Point ( poem )

A change in the times, unexpected events

Turn this life in different paths

For the better, for the worst 

Times that one may wish was reversed

Confused of all the pain one brings

Hurt from all the stabs, all the lies 

Stabbed in the back, the unseen actions 

From those who were once friends

Lies causes war between various fronts 

A time where one must choose a side at once 

All sides have their ups and downs 

But choosing the simpler path, may lead one to drown

Choosing a path without meaning, without thinking

Will haunt one's future, suffering, sinking

If one chooses to fallow reason and understanding

May result in one having, but losing 

The choice to fallow your heart 

May in time result falling apart

However, to have what you hold dear

One must sacrifice, without no fear 

This path may be long and tough

May make one think enough is enough

But the reward after the hard and long struggle 

Will bring about a life so beautiful

For at the end, lies the path you have been looking for

The suffering, no longer, no more

Each and every path has their ups and downs

But without feeling, without thought, your life may drown

But with mind, with feeling, one will live

Whether with love , or the reason to survive 

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