Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Path To Living ( poem )

I got a little something to tell yea about living

The paths to take, the life worth taking

The roads all have a bright side to them

But all those paths have consequences in em

The path one takes may look special to you

But the truth may be sad, depressing and " blue "

All paths so mixed up, so complicated

The path you thought was great may change to hatred

Following others may make you feel needed

But is it something that you always wanted

Darkness all around, fakes, robbers, haters, and bullies

No where is true, all covered up in lies

No one can make you choose a path, no one controls your life

No one can make you take that step with a knife

Its your life, live it the way you know how to

Take your steps in life, they can say what they like but you know what to do

Nothing is true, everything is permitted

No path is just, you want something you go get it .... your way


  1. So true man... I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is like Robert Frost's "The path untaken" a look back, but I like the ending where you say we make our own destiny and to own up for our choices.