Thursday, 18 July 2013

Redemption and Benevolence


Things may look bad, choices you make may end up bringing you down, weather its choosing to wear something that caused people to turn their back on you, or you chose to do something that has made people " feel sorry " for you so much that they chose to follow " them " ( those who would make fun and laugh at those who try to be unique ), times may look dark and maybe even depressing, knowing that the people you once felt safe with have now joined " the other side ". Fear not, as this is only a temporary setback, a life test. there will be more and more similar moments in life, times where you will remember this day and know what you must do, a chance to make things right, a time redemption, redeeming what you have once lost, redeeming the trust of those who chose to turn away, Life is full of choices and chances, watch for the signs and when its time, make an impact to better your life, and maybe even others if you can.


A desire to do good to others, goodwill, acts of kindness, disposition to do good, A path that i believe everyone should take, if you feel trapped, prove to the world who you are by showing what you got to offer, always be the one that gives, never takes or steals. In time, the world will see your BENEVOLENCE and see you for who you really are, every small act you do may mean so much to someone else, even if it looks like you have not done anything, you never know how much of an impact one thing can brighten a face, a group, an area, and maybe even the world.

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