Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Leader of Life

life is full of tests, life will always have split paths, choices that in the start might not be known exactly what it is, but in time, the more familiar paths will be much more clearer, and one will know what to do then, people will always try to bring you down, cause of money, power, control, or just for their enjoyment, no matter what the reason, stay true to who you are, and do what you know to be right, and know that with all of the bad that is happening to you, the more power you obtain to become a true leader, true leaders are those who understand and clearly know how it feels to be broken down and battered to the point of depression or worse... leaders are born through experience, but what truly defines a leader, those who seek knowledge to simply better themselves, or those who seek knowledge to better this world. is it what they study that defines them, or the effort they put into what they truly believe in? That is why i believe i am " over qualified " to become a leader, cause i have suffered through bullying to the point of insane depression and have overcame it, to understanding and learning to improve other people's lives time in and time out, reaching out to those who needed it, weather online or off, i may have graduated with a computer degree, choosing to study it because i was depressed and lost site of what i truly wanted to do in life because of it. but my mind set is focused on making things better, and i may feel upset at times for feeling not needed by places, but my commitment to bringing about change has not changed, i have tried making speeches to various places, have started my own blogs ( 2 blogs ) one on a depression help form thing, and this, having a life coach tell me that i have what it takes to become something special. i went from people bullying me, to people wanting to be with me, to simply trying to be heard, but yet i still continue to help. I believe everyone has what it takes to become leaders, especialy those who have been bullied, but its having the courage to step up and get your voice heard by at least one that can change your life, having a life coach tell me that i have what it takes to become a leader is something that has gave me hope that one day something will come out of my efforts, and it can do the same for you too, you just need to take the time to connect with someone, and things will look much greater.

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