Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Choose To Push On

With little responses, with very few seeing what I got to offer, with all my hard work, speeches, poems, stories, articles, and so on, I continue to share and continue to spread the word and continue to work to create change. Even though part of me feels like my efforts are useless, but I still continue to give out content, continue to speak out, continue time and time and time again. The hope to bring about change for others, the chance to be noticed, the push for a better future for all. I have suffered so much in my life, but I use it to continue to push and create change, just check out my speeches, just check my life story ( Depress to success ). I use the hate to become greater, even if I not heard, I use everything to keep doing what I doing. The need to BE is to show that you ARE. Use the hate to bring out a better life. people will bring you down, but always continue doing what you doing. As they always say, in time something will come out from all of what you do. Don't give up, fight the good fight, continue doing what you doing, and things will come to you.

Thanks for reading, my way of getting my feelings out of stuff, I am a type of guy who want to give people hope in the world, helped a lot of people for over 5 years, on various chat sites, and I wish to do more and  more. I have always felt as though I can do so much more than what I already doing. I use all that I have been through, and all the positives in life that I have got to become more and more better in life, getting so much different skills and various things, improving myself in any way I can, but part  of me feels as though my efforts are worthless, but having life coaches tell me that I have something to give, having anti bullying companies tell me that what I share is something, that makes me feel so amazing and pushes me to do more and more to prove what I got to offer, In any way I can. 

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