Monday, 29 July 2013

About Me ( song about me, written by me )

Lies, traps, surrounded my past

No where to run, could not be passed

Circle of darkness, no hope in site

Hate all around, no hope or light

My past was full of pain

Could turn anyone insane

Isolated was all I could be

This is my story, all about me

The push to be somebody came with a price

Found a land just so nice

Virtual world full of real life

But was still in denial, holding a knife

I chose the nice of the new land

Where I could finally live and stand

Feeling so liked like never before

People wanting to know about me more

Time past and life got confusing

I moved many ways, kept on searching

Became so many things, and still improving

People told me I couldn't, but I keep on proving

Time goes on, people move on

I have so much skills, going strong

I prove people wrong over and over

Sharing story about me,, everyone everywhere

Time passes by, so much suffering

Time to think of my own

A new life, a new beginning

Moving to a new life alone

... not really... my girl with me :)

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