Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I been wondering a lot about how schools and other things are so focused on just letting people know that bullying is happening, than really doing something, i mean where does the money from school charities really go? sure school stuff maybe, but i think high school students and people in general are more worried about how they are being treated rather than how comfy the chairs are or what they studying. I mean people keep telling them that they want the bullying to stop and stuff, and what do schools do, charity, and songs and stuff about bullying, its all well and good, but where is the action, when will schools see that the time for awareness has passed, cause of all of the stuff you hear about on the news and so on. people know about depression and bullying and people losing their lives cause of depression and so on, the time for a stronger and more direct action is now, I know i have plans to go and stuff ( to move from where i am, like a new location not talking about online or anything ), but I feel like this is what I really want to do, reach out and help and create change, I want to be the bright voice in the dark for those in need. Will you be the bright voice in the dark for your place, or will you choose to watch in the dark, knowing that things need to get better, hearing the cries, but seeing that there not enough effort in making it better by those who are in power to do so? THINK ABOUT IT! and thanks for reading :)

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