Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Would I Want For My Child In 2014 ( a speech that i have made at a school board town hall meeting )

They ( the meeting people ) asked us the question above and told us ( the people ) to have an answer for it when coming to the meeting, so this was my answer :) enjoy

If I had a child in 2014, I would want him or her to not have to go through that I had to go through in school. I would not want that child to experience all the hardships and all the pressure that I had to endure from elementary all the way till end of college. I would want that child to realize his or her potential, without having teachers, and students telling him or her that he or she won’t ever make it to a proper high school, giving negative feedback to that child, especially if it comes from a teacher. I would not want that child to have to go through school suffering from all the name calling, abuse, and hate from the students and any relationships they might have with one another. What I mean by this is that if my child falls in love, I would want that child to be one, free to choose, BUT, and this is the important part, I would want that child to be safe, comfortable, to feel the way you are to feel when you are in love, happy, safe, protected, and needed. NOT abused, forced, and uncared for. I would want my child to stand up and to show the world what he has to offer, not to feel like his efforts are useless and not being noticed or appreciated for. I would want my child to feel comfortable at schools, sure the desks might be cheap, and the work might be a lot, just like kids would say, BUT I would want them to feel happy, almost like going to a therapist, sure you might feel confused or not want to do “ the work “. But yet you know that you will be cared for, and have people who you will feel comfortable with because they can relate, meaning like their friends. I would want my child to have a group of friends who understand him or her and will support him or her so he or she can stand up and reach out and help others. 

I would want there to be change, something different, and something that my child and others who are depressed or bullied would go to freely and know that they are not alone. I would want there to be some sort of group that goes school to school, that connects students with similar issues with others schools, with other students from those other schools, to bring forth a stronger change against bullying, against depression, against hate. I would want there to be change. I would want a way to show that no matter what others have to say or do, they can’t effect any of us.

Now this part might sound a little… “Selfish “you might say, but I would like to work with you to bring that change and make it a reality. Sure some or most of you might think that I am saying this because I want to get noticed or cause of some other selfish act. However, let me say few things that might change your view on what I just said. I have been depressed from elementary all the way till after college, have been through a hell of a lot to the point that I actually thought I was shy, when really, when I started feeling much better from my anti-depressants, that I have been scared the hole entire time,  scared of what others will think of me, have been helping people online for over 6 years online with all sorts of issues, like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of my speech, and yes,  I have worked on spreading the word for a little over 2 years,  and have got 2 anti-bullying groups supporting what I am doing, one being the company that made an anti-bullying movie called “ bully “ with a “ cant “ sign, and the other being a “ stand for the silent “. I have done so much, and I want to do something that has not been done before, and I believe my time is almost up now, but I would just like you all to other stand up, since people “ stand up “ to bullying and so on, so it only makes sence that you stand up and show them that you want change, and if you feel that I am just doing this for selfish reasons, sure I do want to get noticed, but the thing is what I am I trying to show? And if you stand up, it will give others who are scared the feeling to join in, that feeling that they aren't alone in this fight. Those who can stand, can make a difference. All you got to do, is stand up.
Thank you. 

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