Sunday, 9 June 2013

What Do You Think About This Idea For Anti Bullying In High Schools..

This idea will give students the chance to step up and to really make a real big difference in their schools, especially for those who have been suffering by bullying. It will give victims of bullying to be a part of something that will really make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated in their school.

This is how it will work.

First off, there will be a contest of some sort, in order to NOT choose the best looking thing, such as a logo design contest, but to choose the person who needs to be picked, meaning the ones who the school knows that the student has suffered a lot in their school. In order for the student who is suffering to think about it, have a couple of students talk to the student, saying that they really feel like he or she can do it. A way to make the student feel like they have won something, in a way they have, to be the first official member of the group. I will explain more below.

Now that a student has won the contest, he will be sent to a room of some sort ( office or somewhere ) so that the student can be told about a really great opportunity to be a part of something and to be the one to create it. This will make them feel as though they have achieved something more than what they thought they have.

Here are some things that they will be discussing:
  • ·       It would be a volunteer thing, meaning if they choose not to be a part of it, it is ok. Assure them that they are free to walk away from this at any time, in order to feel comfortable.
  • ·       The student will have benefits, such as leaving their classroom early to monitor other classes of any bullying that is happening, where they will simply mention on paper ( or on computer if they more comfortable ) as to where its taking place, if its physical or verbal, and so on.
  • ·       The student can also get involved and defend people who are being bullied, if they get spotted by a teacher or staff, they will have an ID of some sort where they show to the Staff member where then they are asked what exactly happened, and will be sent to the office not for getting involved, but in order to share what happened.
  • ·       The student will later be able to “hire “other students to the cause, those who are in need to be a part of it, such as students who have been continually bullied.  However, this will be done after the First student has been monitored and is trust worthy to bring in order, whereby they too will be monitored.
  • ·       The student and the soon to be group will also be a part of sharing ideas and creating events that they believe will benefit the school, knowing that this is coming from a group of students who have suffered in the past, there will be more freedom for them to share their ideas.

          This will give students a way to truly feel needed, wanted, and feel as though they are a part of something special in their school, a way to truly step up against bullying, and to feel accepted and comfortable in their school.


  1. This is great! I'd suggest starting one first at your school to see how it goes.

    1. Thank you :) I currently graduated from college, and i really want to reach out and bring change and so on, so i am trying to aim at a school or school board to start bring a big and bright change, So far, as you read, they just took the idea and created some sort of teaching thing, not really giving the students something to really show what they have, its good that they listened, but they need to see that with all the bad things happening with bullying and so on, i believe its time for a more direct for those who feel down to really show what they have to give :)