Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This face will never turn again ( poem )

This face has always turned back

Back to forgiveness, for all the mistakes of the past

The hardships, the hate, the lies, will they end

I wish to believe you, hope your words are not pretend

I turned my focus back to you, no matters how much you hurt me

I always wanted this what we have, to always and forever be

I believed in you so much, but fell into that trap

Once more you have hit me down, my face you have slapped

Abused, hurt, turned me away once more

Should have listened to my gut, lies before,

You have lied to me time and time again

You have lied and abused my mind, and deep in my brain

But I am done, through, finished, over,

Will never turn my head to you, you will never see this face ever

Me and you, forever gone,

If you think I ever going to forgive you again, you are so wrong.

I will turn my head to a new life, that I will create

A life that you would have begged to be apart of it.

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