Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Unexpected...

Betrayer, stabbed in the back, pushed away unexpectedly, all i had gone through in life, the unexpected, it will come to haunt you, in more ways than one, you may say it will never happen to you, then "boom", it will come in life, everyone goes through it weather they want to say it or not, they may betray themselves without knowing, they may do something they have not knew at the time, anything is possible  the first time can just hurt, think of that as a test, it might be strong, but your life continues, you still living, some may be weak to go on after that, but you have pushed forward, second time bring out doubt in your mind and in your heart, it will be hard to continue, but look at yourself at how you have survived two unexpected experiences in your life, and are still living, third, forth, fifth....... that's when it really breaks you, you once thought it was over and that you can finally live, then you get an unexpected stab in the back and you start to fear, hate life, feel like there no one or nothing right for you, weather its relationship focused, career, or anything. it can bring you so down that you start to fall into evil and start to do it to others unexpectedly, some may say that you have become the enemy. life is full of tests, remember that. when you have falling into evil, you have not failed, failing is when you do not, or never find out that you have become the enemy, when you have chose to get your revenge by hurting those who most likely do not need it. " passing" this test is to look at yourself, see deep down in yourself and see what you have become, what you have been through and where you are now, sometimes in life, a little use of "selfishness" is needed to make you feel alive, they have hurt you yes, but you are still alive, you are still you, them stabbing you only shows that they were never worth you, you are too good for them and they were blind to see that, in time they will see their mistake, and if they do not, then they were never meant for you, you deserve better than that. YOU ARE STILL YOU. NEVER THINK DIFFERENTLY. take the time you need to relax, but never forget to ALWAYS BE YOU. if others use you, that does not mean you do not belong, it means that WHAT YOU ARE IS MORE THAN WHAT YOU EXPECT ;) think about it :)  

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