Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Light In The Darkness

Stuck in a dark place, too dark to see

Dark figures with other dark figures, but yet they don't see me

All the dark figures seem to just walk pass

Ignoring me, when I get close, they move away fast

Alone, Isolated, in a world full of life

If only i can find a way, a gun or a knife

A way to get out of this isolation

A way to leave this world, to a brand new destination

After some time, a light at the top of a hill

Something that makes me feel something that i thought only a knife can fill

Being in such a dark place for so long, suffering deep within

And now seeing that light in the dark, this feeling never bin

This feeling never bin in my life ever

And now I feel it, thanks to that light over there

I walk towards the light, reaching the unknown light

Darkness fading, The light getting much more bright

I reach the light, i no longer feel depressed

I not feel something I thought i would never feel, blessed

No matter how hard life is, there is always a silver lining

A light that will turn your mind from slashing, to laughing :)


  1. I like the abstractness of the poem, starting in such a way that all are shadows, and then the light finally emerging. Neat!