Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Hidden.... The Unseen

We are the few who most do never see

We watch from the shadows, looking at what be

What be done to this land of ours, this one full of injustice

Watching your every moves, all of your cowardice

We understand, we know whats true

We see what has happened, all cause of you

We have watched you for some time, all you have done

We are ready to take you down, the quest to stop the hate has begun

We will stop your harsh actions to the people, in any way we can

We will bring piece to this once glorious land

You will see this land turned around, a land without harassment

We will bring about a new life for all, the way it is ment ( to be )

You have once forced us to believe that the only choice we had was to be submitted

But nothing is true, everything is permitted

 ( meaning nothing is just, people can choose freely what to believe :) )

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