Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Test After Test.... ( a poem )

Life has hit me with another test

This is not a written one, its more of a quest

A quest that reminds me of the past

All that I Been through, All those questions I have asked

I get answer after answer, but still not enough

I need to know the reason for all of this tough stuff

Like will I ever be free, to take on my own paths

Will I ever grab my dreams, or will they only be that ( dreams )

Will i see the light of day, in this darkness I am suffering in

Will I ever be out of here, please tell me when

To create a future that I can call my own

To feel as though I have reached my thrown

To be on top looking down

Giving others hope, not to bow down

Will I ever get that chance, to change the place

Or will i simply be known as a no one, never to be traced

So many questions yet answered, so many paths yet taken

Will I find my place in the world, or will I forever be forsaken

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