Saturday, 29 June 2013

SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT! ( anti bullying )

Join millions of people working to create a difference. Join a massive group who want what you and everyone wants. THE END TO BULLYING!

I have been bullied and fell into depression cause of it. It was the hardest thing to go through, you can check out my story in Depress To Success ( my other blog post, the story of my life ). I know how serious and how bad it can get. It like a hammer bashing away at a wall and creating cracks, and with enough hits can cause it to break and suffer, and fall into a depression so bad that even when things look like they have gotten better, deep inside the victim's mind, it is still haunting him or her and still breaking down slowly.

Life should be all about giving those in need a chance to truly become something great, something that will brighten one's future, make things look so much more than what they thought before, and it will be. With every little good dead, makes a big difference. Support the movement and join :)

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