Saturday, 15 June 2013

Step By Step, Step By Step....

In life, there will be times that you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, annoyed, depressed, and angry about whats going on in your life. Those times that you stuck in a dilemma and feel too stuck in something, somewhere, just feel stuck in a loop in your head about what to do. It is normal, it is all apart of life. 

What you need to do is just as the title of this post is, step by step. Look closely at what your choices are, what are the main choices, such as staying or going, or if its more confusing, like getting a job, or going somewhere, or just getting a job. Just figure out what the main choices are. 

After you figure out your main choices, think closely at each one, look at what it is, and focus hard at each choice. Where will it lead? What do you need to do to get that choice? Why do you want to choose that? Is it something that you truly feel for or just feel like you need to do, like something that you don't really want but looks like your only choice. Just focus on each of them carefully. 

Next, you have to list what matters most to you, such as if you have to choose from education, love, or work ( like getting a job ) you have to look at what matters the most to you. Does need of love come after or before your education or work? Does finding that perfect someone matter more than having a job that you always wanted to work in? What matters more to you, list it. 

After you have finished those steps, look carefully at your choices again and see where they are on the new list you made. Look carefully at it, and know what you needs to do. Make yourself feel and see and become what you have created from all of that self seeking, all that deep thought about what really matters to you. Once you are ready, then you will know what to do, the ideas will come to you, knowing what matters the most to you. things will get better once you figure out what matters the most to you, and figure out where your dilemma fits into your needs, think about it. :) 

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