Monday, 10 June 2013

School Boards Need To Start Listening To The Community

I have tried to make various speeches, and emails and Facebook posts to one school board, making speeches at school board community meetings, emailing the idea and posting it on school board Facebook  The people at the meetings really liked the idea of a more active leadership approach, but the school board just seemed to only take bits out of what i said and created the Elementary Academies. They are just teaching the students how to become leaders, but what about those who i mentioned to them are bullied, depressed, sad, and so on. They would most likely pass or even walk out once they heard the words " teach you " thinking that they will just be in another class listening and doing little work that has no effect on the school and so on. My point being, they are not seeing the bigger picture, I doubt that they even watch the news about all the problems students are having.

School Boards need to listen to their communities, Isn't that their job, to help us and the students. If the community really likes an idea about having something more, the School Board needs to take that and create something that the people want, sure they can't take everything, that would be a lot of work, but what about those who have life coaches and anti bullying companies on their side ( like i had ). And if they are scared of having a leader for them or something, take the time to think about that, what about John Cena? He is a pro wrestler, but ALSO have helped tons of kids with Make A Wish, has many fans that are kids, and he is the face of the WWE. How can a face of a wrestling company be such a great and caring guy? My point being that having a face of a school board that is focused on anti bullying would be an asset, would be something that people would love because then they can simply approach that one person and give them all that they need out of schools. Sure might sound selfish, but in a world of fame and trying to get your voice heard and becoming someone and so forth, isn't it time to have a true anti bullying leader in school boards? Isn't it time to have someone who can give the people what they want and the protection they need from bullies? Think about it, and thanks for reading.

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