Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rise To The Top

The top of the ladder, the top of the tower 

The chance to become, to have the power

The climb up top, seems impossible to bear

One day I wish, I need, I just got to get there 

The path unclear, but the goal is in sight 

I must prepare, get my mind right 

Look at what needs to be done, get those opportunities

I must find people to support me, the support of the community

I need to keep myself focused, keep myself motivated

The task if a long and rough one, but it will never get me frustrated

I going to get what I want out of life, its now my time to shine

The top of that tower is mine, time for me to get in the front of that line

I have suffered so long, but this time is now mine 

Life has brought me down, but I am now beyond fine 

I will give back to those who are the bottom, who feel like its too much

I will give anyone a shot at me, YOU WANT SOME? ... then lets get in touch :) 

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