Sunday, 9 June 2013

No One...

no one speaks, but are talking
no one sees, but always looking
no one gives, but always hands out
no one hears, but always responding 
no one needs, but asks for stuff
no one wants, but always gets 
no one understands, or choose to ignore 
all they want to do, is more and more 
they act not for others, but for themselves 
they look down at others, who they say are below their level 
they must be stopped, they must be taught
the truth must be heard, this war must be fought 
they say they doing it for us, but clearly a lie 
they act like this is their life, but this is mine ( yours :) ) 
they try to make things better, by doing what they know is wrong,
they choose to ignore us, like we do not truly belong 
stealing, selfish acts, ignoring, are these actions supposed to bring peace? 
we must make life better, but not become what we see ( bullying and stealing and being selfish and so on )  

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