Monday, 17 June 2013

My Views On What The World Should Be

The world we live in is filled with people not giving others chances to stand and show what they got. There are little to no ways to even start something because certain companies don't even give people the " true " chance to show what you can offer. If you think different, I could point out just a few things, one, difficulty for a grad to get a job, or even an interview. A person who has zero criminal record, who have life coaches and anti bullying companies by his or her side, but yet ignored and silenced by school boards and schools in general for having " lack of knowledge" ( aka no degree or anything written ). Companies seem to look for those with a lot of WRITTEN experience rather than proof of experience, having studied, having taking the time to get somewhere, to find yourself shot down again and again. 

My wish for the world is simple, accept those who take their effort to do something, simply allow us to bring in our skills. I am sure people will accept " volunteering until proving experienced " ( like innocent until proven guilty ). You think someones talents are worth looking up, give them a chance to show it, if money and equipment is the problem, maybe planning ahead is needed, or just ask the people to bring in their own things to work with. I am sure that companies ( that are not start up ) have more than enough money to support their volunteer workers ( if they choose to do so ) that come into their companies, weather they are community companies like school boards ( aka schools ), or anything else, in a world that it is so hard and close to impossible for a college student to get a job, isn't it time for companies to take in people to prove themselves in the company or community or anything? That alone can bring about a bright and bigger future in the world. THINK ABOUT IT :) 

Community companies, those that work for the community, NEED to be bringing in people to truly TRULY give their ideas and for those who have so much effort in creating their idea, they should be looked at and brought in to change things for the better. There are school boards and various community focused companies that ignore help, that feel like their views are all that matters for the communities, is that really how a community focused company or whatever is to you? THINK ABOUT IT ...ACCEPT HELP FROM THE COMMUNITIES THAT YOU WORK FOR OR PEOPLE NEED TO JUDGE YOUR FUTURE THEMSELVES... ACCEPTANCE WILL BRING A BRIGHTER FUTURE TO COMPANIES, COMMUNITIES, AND THE WORLD! 

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