Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Life Is With You ( a love poem )

My life never felt complete until the moment we met 

The moment we were face to face for the first time, I will never forget 

With you my life felt like it has just begun 

Everything you do and say is like nothing anyone has ever done

My life is filled with life every time we together

I feel so blessed and lucky, me and you forever 

I just want to do what it takes to make you smile

Every day, every second, no one else can ever have your style

Seeing you happy with me makes me feel like no other

The life I have with you I know I can never have with another

You are the only one that I need, to make you happy is all I want to do

And I will forever love you more and more, more than you ever knew 

My life can only be found when I am with you 

I am forever yours, and that's the truth :) 

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