Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Looking out my window...

Looking out my window, looking at the stars up in the night sky

Thinking to myself, what will become of me, how and why 

Why does others seem to get their time to become stars 

What makes them special, where are their scars 

I have pushed and have not gotten anywhere

I just wish I could just climb to the top, just be there 

Just be where I feel I deserve to be

To be the one who people want help from, who reach out to me 

NO, I have suffered for so long

I have been through so much, have never done any wrong

I have always done what needed to be done, for others to feel happy

To feel free, to feel needed 

I have done so much, and will continue to do more

If others look down at me, i don't care, I have done so much more than i ever thought i would ever do before. 

I am a star, to my friends, families, and the community 

Together, we are stronger than all, UNITY :) 

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