Sunday, 9 June 2013


Living, what is living, is it just being able to breath, is it just able to wake up in the morning, is it just to move even if things always trying to bring you down, is it having to suffer from a illness, but knowing that you are alive... is it just surviving, struggling so much more than anyone can bare, is what you doing right now living? 

Living is not just struggling, or just knowing that you are alive, or just are... but its all the tough times you overcome in your life, knowing that trough all the tough times in life, you can look back and feel blessed that you have succeeded, being able to look back at your past with a smile, even crying a little bit because you are so proud of you, knowing that you shown that you can when others told you that you couldn't,  that you created something when you once thought you couldn't, its knowing that you can look at your life and know that you feel way better than you used to... 


Life is like a series of tests, you look back and see how much you overcame and where you are now, :) keep giving back and do not let others take " you " from you :) always be you and stay true to you, learn from life mistakes, but always be you.

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