Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Special Poem That Was Given To Me...

Shahid, you are the man.

When others give up, you go all the way because you can.

Your enthusiasm and determination blows my mind.

You are thoughtful, supportive, cool and kind.

Whenever I feel low, you shake my hand

My best memory of you is building castles in the sand

You give all you got and people should learn, 

that you are unique and this moment is your turn.

You will always be in my thoughts, I'll never forget you.

Whenever I think of the giver, I'll picture you.

You are an inspiration, and you should know.

Never let others get the best of you, always let your heart flow.

To end this poem, I'm your biggest fan,

you should know,

I always pick my nose before you shake my hand 

( just joking ) 

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