Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bullying Causes...

Bullying causes harm, suffering, depression

Bullying is the worst thing, causes so much aggression

It causes so much pain to many, suffering deep within

It is something that can even cause the victim in to loony bin

For it can be too much that it breaks one's soul

Could cause one to lose all control

It does not have to be, it can be stopped

Life should be about giving people chances, to be on top

To become someone in life, something they never knew could be

We work together, we will make everyone feel free

SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT! ( anti bullying )

Join millions of people working to create a difference. Join a massive group who want what you and everyone wants. THE END TO BULLYING!

I have been bullied and fell into depression cause of it. It was the hardest thing to go through, you can check out my story in Depress To Success ( my other blog post, the story of my life ). I know how serious and how bad it can get. It like a hammer bashing away at a wall and creating cracks, and with enough hits can cause it to break and suffer, and fall into a depression so bad that even when things look like they have gotten better, deep inside the victim's mind, it is still haunting him or her and still breaking down slowly.

Life should be all about giving those in need a chance to truly become something great, something that will brighten one's future, make things look so much more than what they thought before, and it will be. With every little good dead, makes a big difference. Support the movement and join :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


I been wondering a lot about how schools and other things are so focused on just letting people know that bullying is happening, than really doing something, i mean where does the money from school charities really go? sure school stuff maybe, but i think high school students and people in general are more worried about how they are being treated rather than how comfy the chairs are or what they studying. I mean people keep telling them that they want the bullying to stop and stuff, and what do schools do, charity, and songs and stuff about bullying, its all well and good, but where is the action, when will schools see that the time for awareness has passed, cause of all of the stuff you hear about on the news and so on. people know about depression and bullying and people losing their lives cause of depression and so on, the time for a stronger and more direct action is now, I know i have plans to go and stuff ( to move from where i am, like a new location not talking about online or anything ), but I feel like this is what I really want to do, reach out and help and create change, I want to be the bright voice in the dark for those in need. Will you be the bright voice in the dark for your place, or will you choose to watch in the dark, knowing that things need to get better, hearing the cries, but seeing that there not enough effort in making it better by those who are in power to do so? THINK ABOUT IT! and thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My Life Is With You ( a love poem )

My life never felt complete until the moment we met 

The moment we were face to face for the first time, I will never forget 

With you my life felt like it has just begun 

Everything you do and say is like nothing anyone has ever done

My life is filled with life every time we together

I feel so blessed and lucky, me and you forever 

I just want to do what it takes to make you smile

Every day, every second, no one else can ever have your style

Seeing you happy with me makes me feel like no other

The life I have with you I know I can never have with another

You are the only one that I need, to make you happy is all I want to do

And I will forever love you more and more, more than you ever knew 

My life can only be found when I am with you 

I am forever yours, and that's the truth :) 

The Silent Cries For A Better Life ( poem )

The truth of life is hidden, yet seen

Its seeing the sights that yet unseen

Its a sing of hope, covered in lies

Others may show, but yet only causing more lies

They cover up what others already know

Giving us lights, music, like they think life is one big game show

Where the hurt are only given knowledge that they not alone

But yet you continue to hear voices that are yet unknown

Voices and sounds that seem to be ignored

The cries for something to make them feel like they never felt before

Something that will truly be something

But as long as they continue to ignore, all we will see is the same thing

We need to create something ourselves, cause they don't seem to want to

The cries for a better life, we must make them come true

Monday, 24 June 2013

This World Needs Leaders

Life is always in desperate need of leaders. There are so many stories on the news about sad depressing things such as depression, suicide, bullies, and deaths. Few companies say that they are helping, but yet they are doing little to change things. Some companies and school boards believe its better to have parties and dances and other little fun things to make students happy, sure they do try to spread the word about bullying too, but what have they done to truly give back, as in giving those who are suffering a chance to truly show what they are made up and to truly be seen heard and understood, and to give those who are suffering a chance to truly live and live big.

Giving the people a chance to become somebody in life is all that life should be about. Giving those who are suffering a chance to be someone that people can look up to, people who suffer always seem to be ignored, sure they are making it aware and so on, but when will they ever truly give back. To truly have a voice and to truly do something to make their life better.

We need leaders, we need change, we need a better future, if they don't listen, we must have something for people who are suffering to go to and become a somebody, and to become something special in life. Each and every one of us needs a special moment in life, something that they will remember for years to come. If they won't give people a chance to have that, then its up to us to make it happen for those in need.

What Leader Will You Be

When the world looks broken and finished

There is those who are working are on getting things changed

Those who truly care, those who stand up to those liars

Those who feel they helping, but really are spreading the fires

The fires spreading far and wide, and it only getting bigger

The world is crying out for a bigger brighter future

Will your voice be one that clears these fires or expand it

Will you make people commit or submit

Will you get people to commit to creating a better change

Or will you be the one who forces and makes them submit to your rage

The world needs leaders, need to get better

But how will you make it happen, care or scare

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Trap Deep Within ( just a poem )

Feel trapped in a hole, a hole I can not get out of

I look up at the top, but too dark above

There is no light side in this dark trap I am in 

I am blinded for such a long time, I do not know how long it has been

I need support, need a way out

But no one can help me, no matter how much i shout

The only way out is for me to choose 

Other to end my life, or change my mood

This is so wrong, I feel so mad

But this dark trap I am in, I can not fight back

But if I do not choose it, then others may have to face death 

If i choose to end a life, I would be free

But would lose a piece of myself, deep within me

What choice will I choose, and will I be able to live with myself

This dark trap I am in, may end in suffering to one self 

The path I take, I must stay strong 

Life goes on, but for how long... 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rise To The Top

The top of the ladder, the top of the tower 

The chance to become, to have the power

The climb up top, seems impossible to bear

One day I wish, I need, I just got to get there 

The path unclear, but the goal is in sight 

I must prepare, get my mind right 

Look at what needs to be done, get those opportunities

I must find people to support me, the support of the community

I need to keep myself focused, keep myself motivated

The task if a long and rough one, but it will never get me frustrated

I going to get what I want out of life, its now my time to shine

The top of that tower is mine, time for me to get in the front of that line

I have suffered so long, but this time is now mine 

Life has brought me down, but I am now beyond fine 

I will give back to those who are the bottom, who feel like its too much

I will give anyone a shot at me, YOU WANT SOME? ... then lets get in touch :) 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Hidden.... The Unseen

We are the few who most do never see

We watch from the shadows, looking at what be

What be done to this land of ours, this one full of injustice

Watching your every moves, all of your cowardice

We understand, we know whats true

We see what has happened, all cause of you

We have watched you for some time, all you have done

We are ready to take you down, the quest to stop the hate has begun

We will stop your harsh actions to the people, in any way we can

We will bring piece to this once glorious land

You will see this land turned around, a land without harassment

We will bring about a new life for all, the way it is ment ( to be )

You have once forced us to believe that the only choice we had was to be submitted

But nothing is true, everything is permitted

 ( meaning nothing is just, people can choose freely what to believe :) )

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Looking out my window...

Looking out my window, looking at the stars up in the night sky

Thinking to myself, what will become of me, how and why 

Why does others seem to get their time to become stars 

What makes them special, where are their scars 

I have pushed and have not gotten anywhere

I just wish I could just climb to the top, just be there 

Just be where I feel I deserve to be

To be the one who people want help from, who reach out to me 

NO, I have suffered for so long

I have been through so much, have never done any wrong

I have always done what needed to be done, for others to feel happy

To feel free, to feel needed 

I have done so much, and will continue to do more

If others look down at me, i don't care, I have done so much more than i ever thought i would ever do before. 

I am a star, to my friends, families, and the community 

Together, we are stronger than all, UNITY :) 

Test After Test.... ( a poem )

Life has hit me with another test

This is not a written one, its more of a quest

A quest that reminds me of the past

All that I Been through, All those questions I have asked

I get answer after answer, but still not enough

I need to know the reason for all of this tough stuff

Like will I ever be free, to take on my own paths

Will I ever grab my dreams, or will they only be that ( dreams )

Will i see the light of day, in this darkness I am suffering in

Will I ever be out of here, please tell me when

To create a future that I can call my own

To feel as though I have reached my thrown

To be on top looking down

Giving others hope, not to bow down

Will I ever get that chance, to change the place

Or will i simply be known as a no one, never to be traced

So many questions yet answered, so many paths yet taken

Will I find my place in the world, or will I forever be forsaken

Time For Some Of That " Truth " About Life

TRUTH: Life can be real hard, but with some patent, some time fighting the feelings of hate and getting out of the darkness that you in now, Life an become MUCH brighter, ignore the voices that tell you that you can't, or use them to build you up even more and more, never let them bring you down, and one day, it will be them who didn't make it and you who having a much easier life :)

TRUTH: People will always want to do what best for them, even if it means bringing you down for them to get what they want, weather it is money, fame, or just to be noticed. They can be anything and anyone, companies, your friends, anyone really, but there will always be that small handful of people who do truly care for you and protect you, all you got to do is look and find your handful, once you find those who truly feel for you and on your side and so on, it doesn't matter what others try to do or not do, in time, they will feel stupid for all they done once they see you on top :)

TRUTH: Life will not give you all you want, but if you stick to what truly matters to you and what you deeply care for, it will. You just need to prove to the world that its something you truly want, by working at it, and it will come sooner or later :)

TRUTH: Hey you, yea you, reading this right now, you have something that no one else has, no matter what others say, you are special and have something to give, and something that only you are amazing at. I know I don't need to tell you that.... if you want something so bad, why you still reading this, Go out there and show the world what you got! :)

This face will never turn again ( poem )

This face has always turned back

Back to forgiveness, for all the mistakes of the past

The hardships, the hate, the lies, will they end

I wish to believe you, hope your words are not pretend

I turned my focus back to you, no matters how much you hurt me

I always wanted this what we have, to always and forever be

I believed in you so much, but fell into that trap

Once more you have hit me down, my face you have slapped

Abused, hurt, turned me away once more

Should have listened to my gut, lies before,

You have lied to me time and time again

You have lied and abused my mind, and deep in my brain

But I am done, through, finished, over,

Will never turn my head to you, you will never see this face ever

Me and you, forever gone,

If you think I ever going to forgive you again, you are so wrong.

I will turn my head to a new life, that I will create

A life that you would have begged to be apart of it.

Monday, 17 June 2013

My Views On What The World Should Be

The world we live in is filled with people not giving others chances to stand and show what they got. There are little to no ways to even start something because certain companies don't even give people the " true " chance to show what you can offer. If you think different, I could point out just a few things, one, difficulty for a grad to get a job, or even an interview. A person who has zero criminal record, who have life coaches and anti bullying companies by his or her side, but yet ignored and silenced by school boards and schools in general for having " lack of knowledge" ( aka no degree or anything written ). Companies seem to look for those with a lot of WRITTEN experience rather than proof of experience, having studied, having taking the time to get somewhere, to find yourself shot down again and again. 

My wish for the world is simple, accept those who take their effort to do something, simply allow us to bring in our skills. I am sure people will accept " volunteering until proving experienced " ( like innocent until proven guilty ). You think someones talents are worth looking up, give them a chance to show it, if money and equipment is the problem, maybe planning ahead is needed, or just ask the people to bring in their own things to work with. I am sure that companies ( that are not start up ) have more than enough money to support their volunteer workers ( if they choose to do so ) that come into their companies, weather they are community companies like school boards ( aka schools ), or anything else, in a world that it is so hard and close to impossible for a college student to get a job, isn't it time for companies to take in people to prove themselves in the company or community or anything? That alone can bring about a bright and bigger future in the world. THINK ABOUT IT :) 

Community companies, those that work for the community, NEED to be bringing in people to truly TRULY give their ideas and for those who have so much effort in creating their idea, they should be looked at and brought in to change things for the better. There are school boards and various community focused companies that ignore help, that feel like their views are all that matters for the communities, is that really how a community focused company or whatever is to you? THINK ABOUT IT ...ACCEPT HELP FROM THE COMMUNITIES THAT YOU WORK FOR OR PEOPLE NEED TO JUDGE YOUR FUTURE THEMSELVES... ACCEPTANCE WILL BRING A BRIGHTER FUTURE TO COMPANIES, COMMUNITIES, AND THE WORLD! 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Light In The Darkness

Stuck in a dark place, too dark to see

Dark figures with other dark figures, but yet they don't see me

All the dark figures seem to just walk pass

Ignoring me, when I get close, they move away fast

Alone, Isolated, in a world full of life

If only i can find a way, a gun or a knife

A way to get out of this isolation

A way to leave this world, to a brand new destination

After some time, a light at the top of a hill

Something that makes me feel something that i thought only a knife can fill

Being in such a dark place for so long, suffering deep within

And now seeing that light in the dark, this feeling never bin

This feeling never bin in my life ever

And now I feel it, thanks to that light over there

I walk towards the light, reaching the unknown light

Darkness fading, The light getting much more bright

I reach the light, i no longer feel depressed

I not feel something I thought i would never feel, blessed

No matter how hard life is, there is always a silver lining

A light that will turn your mind from slashing, to laughing :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Step By Step, Step By Step....

In life, there will be times that you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, annoyed, depressed, and angry about whats going on in your life. Those times that you stuck in a dilemma and feel too stuck in something, somewhere, just feel stuck in a loop in your head about what to do. It is normal, it is all apart of life. 

What you need to do is just as the title of this post is, step by step. Look closely at what your choices are, what are the main choices, such as staying or going, or if its more confusing, like getting a job, or going somewhere, or just getting a job. Just figure out what the main choices are. 

After you figure out your main choices, think closely at each one, look at what it is, and focus hard at each choice. Where will it lead? What do you need to do to get that choice? Why do you want to choose that? Is it something that you truly feel for or just feel like you need to do, like something that you don't really want but looks like your only choice. Just focus on each of them carefully. 

Next, you have to list what matters most to you, such as if you have to choose from education, love, or work ( like getting a job ) you have to look at what matters the most to you. Does need of love come after or before your education or work? Does finding that perfect someone matter more than having a job that you always wanted to work in? What matters more to you, list it. 

After you have finished those steps, look carefully at your choices again and see where they are on the new list you made. Look carefully at it, and know what you needs to do. Make yourself feel and see and become what you have created from all of that self seeking, all that deep thought about what really matters to you. Once you are ready, then you will know what to do, the ideas will come to you, knowing what matters the most to you. things will get better once you figure out what matters the most to you, and figure out where your dilemma fits into your needs, think about it. :) 

Friday, 14 June 2013

One of those days.....

Its just one of those days, where no one seems to see me

Just one of those times, where I am scared to be

One of those steps, that looks so hard to get over

One of those struggles, where I feel like a longer

Those times where I wish I can get there

One of those times where I just want things to be fair

Its just one of those days where I want to fight out

One of those times where i just want to scream out loud

One of those days where I just want to be

Be somewhere, Be someone, to just be ME .....

A Poem For All The Moms Out There

moms are always there even if you feel they not
moms always care even if they tough
moms give, make, and create life 
moms take care, raise and work to bring new life 
moms always there, moms always care 
some moms might not seem like it, but they always there
 to share, to give, never take,
to love, never hate,
to bring life, never death,
to bring new life and to always love :) 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

What Would I Want For My Child In 2014 ( a speech that i have made at a school board town hall meeting )

They ( the meeting people ) asked us the question above and told us ( the people ) to have an answer for it when coming to the meeting, so this was my answer :) enjoy

If I had a child in 2014, I would want him or her to not have to go through that I had to go through in school. I would not want that child to experience all the hardships and all the pressure that I had to endure from elementary all the way till end of college. I would want that child to realize his or her potential, without having teachers, and students telling him or her that he or she won’t ever make it to a proper high school, giving negative feedback to that child, especially if it comes from a teacher. I would not want that child to have to go through school suffering from all the name calling, abuse, and hate from the students and any relationships they might have with one another. What I mean by this is that if my child falls in love, I would want that child to be one, free to choose, BUT, and this is the important part, I would want that child to be safe, comfortable, to feel the way you are to feel when you are in love, happy, safe, protected, and needed. NOT abused, forced, and uncared for. I would want my child to stand up and to show the world what he has to offer, not to feel like his efforts are useless and not being noticed or appreciated for. I would want my child to feel comfortable at schools, sure the desks might be cheap, and the work might be a lot, just like kids would say, BUT I would want them to feel happy, almost like going to a therapist, sure you might feel confused or not want to do “ the work “. But yet you know that you will be cared for, and have people who you will feel comfortable with because they can relate, meaning like their friends. I would want my child to have a group of friends who understand him or her and will support him or her so he or she can stand up and reach out and help others. 

I would want there to be change, something different, and something that my child and others who are depressed or bullied would go to freely and know that they are not alone. I would want there to be some sort of group that goes school to school, that connects students with similar issues with others schools, with other students from those other schools, to bring forth a stronger change against bullying, against depression, against hate. I would want there to be change. I would want a way to show that no matter what others have to say or do, they can’t effect any of us.

Now this part might sound a little… “Selfish “you might say, but I would like to work with you to bring that change and make it a reality. Sure some or most of you might think that I am saying this because I want to get noticed or cause of some other selfish act. However, let me say few things that might change your view on what I just said. I have been depressed from elementary all the way till after college, have been through a hell of a lot to the point that I actually thought I was shy, when really, when I started feeling much better from my anti-depressants, that I have been scared the hole entire time,  scared of what others will think of me, have been helping people online for over 6 years online with all sorts of issues, like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of my speech, and yes,  I have worked on spreading the word for a little over 2 years,  and have got 2 anti-bullying groups supporting what I am doing, one being the company that made an anti-bullying movie called “ bully “ with a “ cant “ sign, and the other being a “ stand for the silent “. I have done so much, and I want to do something that has not been done before, and I believe my time is almost up now, but I would just like you all to other stand up, since people “ stand up “ to bullying and so on, so it only makes sence that you stand up and show them that you want change, and if you feel that I am just doing this for selfish reasons, sure I do want to get noticed, but the thing is what I am I trying to show? And if you stand up, it will give others who are scared the feeling to join in, that feeling that they aren't alone in this fight. Those who can stand, can make a difference. All you got to do, is stand up.
Thank you. 

A Time Where I Helped Someone Online

A chat that I had with someone a year or 2 ago ( there are no names or anything in it if so please let me know) :

LostHuman: heey
Guest107: hi how are yea
LostHuman: tbh, i dont know anymore
LostHuman: what about u?
Guest107: tell me whats on your mind ... and im fine ... trying to reach out and help people and also trying to start something here in canada ... i want to try to make a much bigger and posative impact in the world ... but anyways 
Guest107: but anyways ... tell me whats wrong - listens - 
LostHuman: I see thats nice tho.
LostHuman: Well, tbh i dont know whats wrong anymore, i got everything any1 in the world could ask for, nice friends, money, girls and a rly good pay job.. tho im only 19
LostHuman: payed*
LostHuman: but i only lack one thing, which intellegence and money cant get, is my family
LostHuman: it all started out when i was a young boy. i Didnt knew who my dad was, so i suppoosed my father was the man who lived with us.
Guest107: - keeps listening - just letting u know i here
LostHuman: he was rly nice tho, till some years later, he started to beat me and my brother, and got us to beat eachother up.
LostHuman: And my mother was pretending not to know
LostHuman: shes was beaten her self tho.
LostHuman: then she got 2 children with this man, and then she left her after he stole her enharidence.
LostHuman: some time later, i started to make loads of problems at the school
LostHuman: but i felt i wasnt to blame for it, i didnt start anything
LostHuman: so, my mother got trouble with childservice and i got all the blame for that
LostHuman: later on, it evolved to a bigger problem, they wanted to move me and my brothers away from my mother. i was actaully happy for that, ofc it never happend
LostHuman: my mother took us away to another country and started all over again.
Guest107: - keeps listening - so far it seems like maybe u wanted to show your mom that u are not to blame 
LostHuman: I got throwen out some months after we moved( age 14)
LostHuman: And i had to stand at own feet. i got help from my grandma and the government and they took my brothers away from her.
LostHuman: I was moved to some random ppl who had stupid problems, nothing real. just because they didnt get what they wanted (spoiled kids)
LostHuman: I didnt like it at all, and i had to speak with counslers and stuff. they thought i was kinda crazy.
LostHuman: wanted me on a mental house for my way of thinking.
LostHuman: and by that time, i got that counsler fired.
LostHuman: So i moved on, moved in with some peepz and it felt totally lost, i wanted to go back to my old country, too my friends and stuff
LostHuman: Took me 3 years before i got back
LostHuman: after the day i got thrown out, i havent heard anything from my mother
LostHuman: Its it not her i miss
LostHuman: i miss the fact of having a family
LostHuman: something i lost long time ago
LostHuman: This is just a short version
Guest107: - reads what u said - i just rereading it so i can help u 
Guest107: but that is some story 
Guest107: i really sorry for what happened that person who left your mom was such a ... u know ... for what he did 
LostHuman: as they say, scares grown into your skin.
LostHuman: And i dont even know my self anymore..
LostHuman: Im living some1 elses life, the person i am in my everyday life is just pure evil.
LostHuman: i dont rly know how to explain it, but in other words, my life is just a F.... mess...
Guest107: i dont think u are evil ... u seem like u want something back so bad and would do anything to get it back ... and might have ... effected your head
Guest107: this is a common story ... in a way ... people losing people and then feel like they are evil and hateful ... but deep inside they just want something that no longer there aand want and " need" something to cover it
LostHuman: hmm
Guest107: i think what you need to do is to look back at your past ... and look at each and every event ... that man leaving
Guest107: actualy... no .... 
Guest107: sorry just trying to focus ... have 2 people to help and trying to focus on one ... but il focus on u right now since u seem to need more help than the other
LostHuman: i see, well the fact is. i will never be able to get back to my family.
LostHuman: her losing my brothers killed her. how can you give life back to some1 who is "dead"
Guest107: exactly that is obvious ... but the thing is your mind, and your feelings seem to be stuck back then
LostHuman: Because im jalluose
LostHuman: I want my family, even tho my bestfriends family take me in as theirs
Guest107: that is just part of it .... u know more than anyone that sometimes u need to focus on yourself and get what u need ... like the money, girls, and so on, like u said
Guest107: so u know that ... from what u said at the begining
LostHuman: How can you want something you alrdy have?
LostHuman: i dont know how to express it
Guest107: no i mean ... like u worked to get it and did get it right
LostHuman: but even to i succed over and over again
LostHuman: I cant seem to get my family back
Guest107: ... look at what u just said 
Guest107: u cant seem to get your family back
Guest107: your words but u just said
Guest107: how can u get something that is dead
LostHuman: i rly dont know
Guest107: say i said i going to kill people and demand my family back .... i would sound crazy right
Guest107: actualy not a family
LostHuman: i didnt quite get that one
Guest107: say there was a girl that u like ... but she married and adores someone else
Guest107: and u say u going to kill him to get her ... would never happen 
Guest107: she would just hate u ... could accept because u have a gun / knife ... but she would never truly love u and care for u and stuff 
Guest107: i am saying this because
Guest107: u say u want something that u cant get 
Guest107: that is also something that would not happen
LostHuman: then i rly dont know what to do
LostHuman: cause ive lost my spark to do anything
LostHuman: Even tho i hate my family, its what i want the most. but thats maybe life. you will never get what you rly want
Guest107: ... look ... your parents are gone ... but i believe some part in them loved u ... even if they didnt seem to care
Guest107: u never know what they going through
Guest107: i mean what if they also had ... health issues guess u can say .... I AM NOT CALLING THEM CRAZY 
Guest107: but i just saying what if they had stress stuff in them
Guest107: i mean as u said 
Guest107: your mom was hurting herself
LostHuman: huring herself how?
LostHuman: what i ment by dead earlier was, she gave up life after loosing her kids
LostHuman: if you missunderstood that
Guest107: before u mentioned that the guy left
Guest107: u said that your mom was hurting yourself 
LostHuman: pc restarted
Guest107: its ok wb 
Guest107: so before u mentioned that guy left your family ... your dad ... u said that your mom was hurting herself
LostHuman: She got beaten up by my stephfather
Guest107: then she was most likely stressed and had ... mental issues because of your stepfather
LostHuman: might be, only she knows..
Guest107: think about it ... say someone was watching everything u doing
Guest107: and if u did something bad he would come after u or something
Guest107: u would get scared and want to fight back .... but what if u couldnt 
Guest107: like probably your mom felt because she loved him .... i guessing
LostHuman: There is always a choice
LostHuman: I guess she did
Guest107: she wanted what was best for u 
Guest107: meaning
Guest107: say they were paying for your food and your stuff
LostHuman: She was the one with money, he was the one who stole all of it.
Guest107: ... then maybe he blackmailed her 
Guest107: meaning
Guest107: he threatened her and beat her
Guest107: if she was to stand against him or something ... he would take the money and leave and could do it any time
LostHuman: i wouldnt know. because i was to young
Guest107: exactly .... but u are older now
LostHuman: Well, true.
Guest107: yes 
Guest107: your mom loved u and cared for u 
Guest107: and had to go through hell for u ... but she couldnt take it
Guest107: take all the hurt and pain and stuff
Guest107: but she took it all for u till it was too much
LostHuman: believe me when i say this. she might have taken alot, but what happend to me and my brother can never be fixed.
LostHuman: as you and i said, i want the thing i cant have. a real family...
Guest107: look ... their are people out there who are orphans ... who have always wanted that type of life ... u know that i just stating it 
Guest107: u are not the only one who wants that .... u need to know that the thing about you and your brother ... u and your brother must have had some good times in the past
Guest107: i mean besides all that was happening
LostHuman: My brother moved out when i was 11
LostHuman: and earlier we had no relationship because of my stephfather
Guest107: oh .... then i feel like the best way would be to get back with your brother ... like i said helping u and someone lse so if i forgot something with u and ur bro i sorry ... or if u cant
LostHuman: Only time will show
Guest107: just know that he is missing u and wanting u to have a great life ... if u missing him this much then u can imagine how he is
LostHuman: Hmm, you help me set my mind in a better place right now
Guest107: :) your welcome 
LostHuman: Thanks alot man!
LostHuman: Btw, hope your place will be succesful!
Guest107: thanks :) 
LostHuman: Just remember one thing
Guest107: - listens - 
LostHuman: If you want it to Succed. You'll have to want it was bad as you want to breath
LostHuman: Tell you'll be succesful
LostHuman: You'll have to want it as bad as you want to breath*
Guest107: :) thanks il make sure to keep that in mind and make sure that i get it 
LostHuman: ^^ have a nice day.
Guest107: u too