Monday, 30 December 2013

We Here For You ( poem )

In life, there will be a time

A moment of pain, that crosses that line

That line in your soul that you thought nothing can get through

Heats you up, burns you down, more than you knew

Broken,shattered, messed up, confusion

Causes you to be alone, isolation 

Don't give up, you not the only one

In time, it will all be gone

We are here for you, take away that knife

Take my hand, we will give you life

We will bury you with kindness

We will drown you in niceness

We will cut deep into your soul

Filling in that deep whole

They will no longer break ( you ) 

Your heart will awake

We here for you

Together, we will break through

Saturday, 28 December 2013

All These Tears ( song lyrics / poem written by me :) )

In my life, I never had no body

loneliness, no one ever around me

Gone was my heart, locked up tight

But when I met you, my soul burns bright

My life used to be all dark and hateful

But now its all caring and beautiful

This feeling in me, I never felt before

The sight, the smell, I can't imagine more

This feeling, thought I would never...

All these tears, my curse gone forever

You saw something in me, I thought was gone

emotions pouring out, my heart turned on

Used to think that love was a dream

but with you, It is all I need

Never thought I would feel like this

Time with you I never want to miss

This feeling in me, I never felt before

The sight, the smell, I can't imagine more

This feeling, thought I would never...

All these tears, my curse gone forever

When everything breaking down on me

You know how to make me feel free

And when I feel sad lonely

All I need is you with me

This feeling in me, I never felt before

The sight, the smell, I can't imagine more

This feeling, thought I would never...

All these tears, my curse gone forever

Friday, 6 December 2013

Career Talk...

A person who goes and gets a forklift licence, having only learned it for a day or 2, can get a job in less than a month. A person who spends 2 or more years in college studying and exams and so on, can struggle to get a paid job for years. How is this possible? Getting certified in something shows that you have the knowledge and skills to use whatever you are certified in, and are accepted to do jobs in those areas that you are certified in. Getting a diploma shows that you have worked hard and studied and pushed yourself to not only know it, but shows that you willing to excel and work hard and achieve something. Companies expect so much from people who have graduated from colleges, expect them to know as much as someone who has years of work experience. How can someone who has just stepped out of college have a mindset of someone who has been working for many years in that field?

My opinion, the problem is not on those who have just graduated college and needing more experience to get those positions ( especially those that mention that its a entry level - junior position ), but on the employers that don't take the time to realize that the people who have achieved, who pushed themselves, and worked hard to succeed in graduating and getting the diploma have the desire, the determination, and the will to give all they can for the company, because the people at " the bottom ", as they might say, would consider staying in a company if they know that they are getting an "acceptable" salary for their efforts, so that they can have a life of their own, meaning meet their personal goals of having their own place to live, a car, and so on. People who do have years of experience, however, would rather want more and more and are more "greedy" because they are at " the top".

Ask yourself why people look for other options like forklift positions, because they know they will be accepted just for having the certificate and being able to prove themselves by showing their hands on experience. Unlike the higher ups, the graduate positions, that expect you to have the mindset, without having the time to really show what you have to offer ( since you have to pass the interview, or even get one first ). They wonder why recent grads have problems to get a job, I believe it has nothing to do with having the work experience on your resume, but rather NOT being able to have a chance to show what you have to offer. What if someone can not talk about their experience that good, but are A+ at their hands on skills?

How can someone get work experience if they not even being accepted to work?

Monday, 25 November 2013

Took A Little Over 2 YEARS.....To Get My Anti Bullying Idea Heard....

I have shared my idea to a school board for an anti bullying idea 2 years ago, talked about it at meetings, emails, and facebook posts. Have went to my old high school to talk to the principle and a few teachers there about it ( during lunch time when they were not busy ). Done all that and more, got no response, pulled away from it to focus on getting a job and all that for my future, then just last week, I get a response from them again asking to call me. I talked to them over the phone and they seemed to really like it. I was real excited at the time about it and everything, but then I look back and see all the effort I put, and also start thinking about my future....

2 YEARS.... it took 2 years to finally get to them that something needs to change about bullying.... 2 YEARS... I know time does not matter when it comes to creating a real positive change and everything and knowing that things are really changing and everything, but putting so much effort into it, and not paying much attention on what I need for my future, a job and everything, and not getting any response from them till last week... as much as I want to just step in and make the change... I have to think about my future...

Here is a little message that I emailed them and left them:

"I would, however, like my idea to be heard, of giving the students, those who are bullied and depressed, a chance to feel wanted, to feel needed in their school by giving them an opportunity to really step up and make a difference in their schools, to be given more free will in their school, meaning allowed to freely leave class early if they are not comfortable or if they are being bullied in class. My proposal would have given students that, to step out of class when they needed to, and work on making the school safer by monitoring the halls and classrooms, by reporting issues that they wish to report ( regarding bullying, like seeing kids being physically or verbally bullied ). It would also allow them to do what they wish to do in their schools, as long as it is not harmful to others, and follows the rules set by the school, giving students more room to open up and do more and give more to the school. It would provide them with leadership skills, and have creative control, letting them be creative and come up with all sorts of ideas they wish to share with the school. "

Saturday, 16 November 2013

One Thing I Wish I Was Told In The Past

In my past, I was always focused on wanting to make others like me, even if I was always made fun of and laughed at and so on. I would always try various things to show that I had something to show, even if I felt like I had to " dumb myself down " in order to do that. After I was told my a doctor that came to my high school ( a teacher saw that I was depressed and stuff ), told me that I had a superior mind and that I should be getting straight As and so on, I then felt as though they had a problem with me in general. So I focused on showing people that I wasn't stupid and that I had something and so on, and also focused on proving people wrong. I lost sight on what I wanted to become and was more focused on wanting to prove people wrong by taking a program in college that I can really show what I can do and so on, but something that after graduating and feeling free to choose what I want to do, and later it caused me to get real stressed and confused because of 2 things, my depression, and have not focused on myself for years. It caused me even more stress and got me even more depressed than I was used to from my school and college years because I went from focusing on others for years, to trying and struggling on what I wanted for myself, and also focused on getting a job in a field that I was good at, but did not feel interested in. It even got me thinking at the time that I was stuck in doing what I graduated in and had no other options. It even caused my mind to be in a loop, where I would want to do something, do it ( sometimes not really ), and then get a feeling where I would feel as though people think less of me for not doing what I have done and stuff like that and would stop based on that. It was something that really really messed me up for a while.

If you are ever in a situation like this where you want to focus on proving people wrong, always remember to focus on something you want to be and be the best that you can be on it. Don't loss sight at what you want to become, and don't let others control your future and make you go into something because you want to prove people wrong. Go into something because you want to, not because you have to or because its something that can show that you are smart or anything like that, choose something you want to be and be the best at it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

The " Dark " Side Of Things

Everything has a dark, negative side to them. Chocolate may be real sweet, but can cause a lot of negative effects, diabetes, sugar high, and more. Light may open your eyes to everything around you, but may also blind you, and cause seizures  ( from flashes ). There is always something negative about everything, You may feel as everything is all right, but there always something around the corner, something that you may not be able to see coming, or something that feels wrong but not able to point out the issue.

Life is not perfect, things can be better, but in the life we living, we have to listen to the people in power, they tell us we have a voice, but do we really? We speak for change in schools from bullies, and they speak of awareness, ummm hello, you ( the people in power ) are the ones that we are trying to "aware"! They give us education, they give us the knowledge of whats right and whats wrong, but do they take the time to read what they teach us, when they are bullying and bringing down their students, our kids, they teach us to stand up to bullies, but when we do, they punish not only the bully but the victim ( like falsely accusing ).

We voice our demands to those in power, we express our thoughts to them, but it is clear that some ( people in power ) are too ignorant, not smart enough, or do not care enough to really take in what we are saying, what we want, what is needed to make things better. They give us things, but ignore the things we truly need.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What We Want

What we want, is opportunities, choice, safety, comfort, and freedom. What we want is to not be told to do something, but rather have freedom of choice, or at least to be given choices and the freedom to choose any that we wish, not be manipulated into taking " the right one". What we want is opportunities to step out of our dark corner and show what we have to give, not to be told that we have a sickness or " something is wrong ". What we want is to truly have the choice to step up against those who bring us down, not to be seen as anything less than something to be monitored and to falsely accuse someone of bullying when they were doing as they were taught from their school, which is to stand up against bullying ( shows that they not really monitoring anything in their school ). What we want is to not just voice our opinion, but to have something in place to show what we have to offer and to not just to be aware of something, but to take action for something. What we want is to be safe, not just from the people in the community, but from the people who say that they work for us ( teachers, principles, and so on, who choose to put their students down and tell our kids that they not smart enough, or smart at all, and so on ). What we want is to feel more than just comfortable, but happy, cared for, liked and respected. What we want is true freedom, to be able to speak out against things, AND to TRULY take action against things that we feel need to change. What we want is CHANGE!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Are Movies, Video Games, And The Media The Problem? ( that causes bullying and cause victims to become bullies, or worse )

Long story short, NO!!!

Sure it does bring out feelings, it does bring out emotions and can cause some mental issues, but it is not the cause, it is not the problem. Schools that choose to show anti bullying movies that show horrific issues ( such as a student with a gun to someone's head as I read from an article recently ), and then say how it is the video's fault, then it is clear that ONE: they do not give the students the choice to see it or not and TWO: they do not take the time to really get to know whats going on in the school. If a really nice caring student suddenly shoots a teacher, then don't blame a game they play or a video they show, look at the teacher, look at what the student was going through. Videos and games and so on can only boost feelings, therefore, they should give people the choice to see or play them, and also make sure that they are ok to see and play it. Giving students the choice to see it or not will make the students feel comfortable and feel as though they don't have to see something that could cause them to feel worse than they already do.

As my past 3 articles I wrote mentioned, some schools really don't take the time to get to know their students that they teach and so on. If they did, they would have something in place to make the students feel really comfortable, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools, and will make the students to feel better and will feel fine to watch those types of videos without any outcomes.

Media can boost the feelings and emotions and so on, but its up to the schools to know their students to see who can see it, and also give the students free choice, meaning in certain situations, some students should not see it if they seem really depressed cause of bullying, or bullies who seem to never stop, so they do not think of new ideas.

Schools and Bullying ( a poem )

Bullying all around us, abuse, hate, suffering 

No light in site, only work, dances and singing

The voices of change from those who don't give it

The hands of hope reaching out, but don't mean it 

Lies, distrust, no where to turn to

Everyone scared, not knowing what to do

Those teaching to stand against, are the same ones who bring others down

When we do as they teach, we the ones who are rundown

How can we speak of change to the selfish minds

We express the need, but their minds are blind

The world calls for change, each and everyone 

Yet they don't understand anyone

Something must be done , a way to change their mind

Turn their minds from heartless, to selfless

Show them what they are doing to their students, our kids

Have them be tested to see who they care more, people, or themselves ( no more of telling us that our kids need to be tested ( like by a doctor and so on ) , they should be telling us that they have something for our kids ) 

We all understand bullying, we all know whats going on

It is them who needs to put something in place, to give the students, our kids, something to feel strong

To feel as though they are needed, wanted, accepted, and feel special 

No more isolated groups, we need something extra ( meaning no more little group meetings for students, we need something more than this ) 

Something where the bullies can truly be free, truly have their voices heard

To bond together with other and really make a difference in their schools

To feel free in their schools, and also protect it ( the school ) 

To truly bring change to not just one school, but many 

We may never see something like this happen, may never be

Because of the selfish powers that be, that teach it, but don't be it 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Schools and Bullying ( my thoughts about how schools are treating bullying )

My wish for the future is to see bullying be controlled, to make it so that any actions any bully tries to make has very little to no impact to anyone. Bullying may always be around, but I know and believe that with just a few actions, it can be controlled, and give the victims something that they can feel not just that they achieved something, not just that they feel needed in their school, but to feel as though they are a part of something special in their school, feeling more than just comfortable, but excited.

Victims of bullying should never be ignored, seen as something less in schools, seen as just something to monitor. It needs to be handled with action, with real effort, not just telling someone to go to the doctors and not do anything for them to make them feel happy in their school. Sure, they will be given medication to feel comfortable, but all you are doing is making them look comfortable on the outside, but on the inside, there is a feeling of hate and anger building in them that may result in various ways. They may get so fed up with everything and commit suicide. They may get so angry and strike back, then your ( the school ) response would be to punish not just the bully, but the victim as well, causing more hate and anger in the victim.

I believe that some schools ( principles and teachers and so on ) have no idea what they are doing when it comes to bullying ( especially where I from ) , they think of it as a " marketing thing " to make them look good when they " fight against it ", almost like its just their job and so on. Fighting against bullying means taking actions that will make the victims feel more than just comfortable in their schools, not by simply saying they care, but giving them things that will make them feel special in their schools. They are more focused on the money and their job than the community that they work for. When they want the community to talk about bullying and so on, they need to take the time to listen to the ideas that the community has for them, and not just tell them that they have nothing before they talk about their ideas, or ignore them, it shows that you only care about your own ideas and so on.

THIS is the reason why some people are scared and hate high schools. Sure homework and so on is also stressful and so on, but the big issue is the lack ( or rather NO ) action to make the victims feel truly happy and to truly feel more than just comfortable, but happy, needed, and to feel and be as though they are something really special in their schools.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Voices Of The Unheard

The voices of truth, head but never acted upon. The sounds of life, heard by the many, but ignored by the ignorant few. It's sad how this world, no matter how much one wants to believe it or not, is run by the few, and gives little to no hope for the many. The screams may never be heard if the ignorant few don't take the time to understand what is being said. Yelling and screaming for help does not solve anything. Our actions show them that we have things under control, when really, we want them to do what we are doing. We want them to have something in place so that we are free to reach out, rather than fear that we could be kicked out for doing the right thing. They speak to us as though we are the ones who should be doing something, but we have been doing something for years, other they not getting it, or they do not have the mindset to do their job, which is to give the community action, give us something to truly create change. Sounds of peace is all well and good, but will not help those who are in fear. The voices of the many may not matter, if the ignorant few are not known by the people in power. THAT, is what needs to change. I am not saying to kick them out of their " jobs ", rather test them, they tell us to take our kids to a doctor, time and time again, like that is their " back up plan " for the victims. NO, the solution, should be to give the student something to feel appreciated, needed, wanted, and accepted in their schools. That is all that we ask, no money is involved in giving a child hope. They choose to look at us as " inexperienced ", but yet we seem to know a lot more about things then them. The test that I was referring to is for those in charge, principles, teachers, and so on, to be tested to see if their mindset is on the kids or on themselves. is their mindset on the community that they work for, or the money and " its just a job " ? THAT is what needs to change, and THAT is how things will get better, when they truly take the time to listen to us, things WILL happen. If not, then this will be a fight that may last a really long long time.....

Friday, 4 October 2013

A Few Thoughts That I had When I Was Depressed

  1. Graduated from high school, and WANTED TO BURN THE INVITATION TO THE PROM AND THE GRAD CEREMONY! Did also wanted to burn the school but that was from how much I suffered there, and also the effect that my elementary school life had on me. Thinking stuff and feeling things is fine, but taking them into action and doing it is something else. Everyone thinks of beating up there mean, selfish, and maybe abusive bosses, but no one goes out and knocks them out or anything. Your actions is what shows who you are, not your thoughts. You may have really harsh feelings in you, but if you not let them corrupt you and so on, it shows that you are not what you look like, feel like, or what you think of. 
  2. Walking home or to high school every day, with the thought of being surrounded with people laughing at me then seeing a bright light with someone reaching out to me then when I get close, they push me back down and laugh just like everyone else was. Was a real rough and depressing time for me. Also had thoughts of the place around me burning up, but that could have been from the depression and how I listened to a lot of metal bands and dark music ( goth and so on ). 
  3. There was this one person who was on my mind for a real long time, few years actually, who I thought liked me and so on, but simply used me and played around with my emotions, one of the people who " helped " make the thought of being surrounded and so on far worse. 
  4. Feeling trapped and no where to go even after graduating from college, not knowing what I wanted to do in life because every time I would think of something I wanted to become, and sometimes try to do it anyways, I would get a wave of emotion, of all the times I suffered and feeling as though things will be real bad and so on. I was in a state of mind that no matter what I wanted to do AT ALL, no matter what it was, I couldn't ( career wise, like job and so on ). 
These were only a few of the thoughts and feelings that I had in the past. The reason I am mentioning all this is because these are the effects one can and most likely will happen to someone who has been suffering from bullying, abuse, and so on for a real real long time, to the point that they lose their sense of thought, sense of feeling, sense of being themselves and focus on simply proving people wrong, or worse. I say worse when it comes to something worse than " focusing on proving people wrong " because that type of focus can lead one to forget about what they truly want to become in life and more focused on doing things that they feel others can't, then when it comes to becoming something they want to be, they will feel trapped as I have been. If something isn't done about these bullies and abusers ( the one who abuse, just clarifying ), and so on BEFORE it gets worse, this will continue to happen over and over and over, to more and more people. 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Whats Wrong In The World

Job posts that mention entry level, or recent grad, then telling people who have recently graduated or little experience that they NOT QUALIFIED! or that they found someone better, how is it possible to find someone better for an ENTRY LEVEL RECENT GRAD position? 

Community workers ( example, school boards, teachers, principles, and so on, people who work for the people ) who say they work for us, but focused on themselves and tell people that they have nothing to give even though they have the support of the people, of doctors, life coaches, and more.If they do not take the time to read or listen to an idea that could help make things better, then how is it possible to change things? 

Abuse ... keeping people down and buried and trapped. trapped in an abusive relationship, trapped in their school, home, anywhere and everywhere. 

Bullying, feeling hurt, alone, isolated and more. Not going away, causing one to feel hurt for life. 

With just these 4 things I have mentioned, things will take a real REAL long time to get better. Companies need to realize that when they seeking recent grads, that that means anyone who has a real diploma or degree and so on, that they are already qualified, if your company provides training, then train them. if they leave, be happy you chose to bring in a recent grad and give them the ability to improve, you can even promote that you care and welcome people to your company. You will build more than just employees and so on, but even a a fan base of some sort, people liking what you are doing and support you. Stop accepting people who are overqualified for a RECENT GRAD position, it only shows that they can not be trusted, and may also get less people applying to any jobs that you post, because you show that you want to give recent grad an opportunity, but then shoot them down by hiring someone " better ", showing that you not care much about giving people opportunity to improve in your company, meaning causing DISTRUST in recent grads, and causing others to lose hope in their search. 

About the community workers who do not care, as I mentioned in my last blog, there needs to be a system that focuses on making sure that the people who will be working for us, the people, that they have the mental focus to do their job, and be tested after every few years or so, make sure they have not lost focus FOR THE PEOPLE and now FOR THEMSELVES. 

About bullying and abuse, things might be real real tough, but there are always ways out of it, or at least ways to feel comfortable ( when it comes to bullying ). If you are stuck in an abusive relationship and feel as though there is no where to go, always take the time to look carefully at what he is doing and think of what you can say to distract him or her, then take the opportunity to take action, weather that is calling the cops, or running out and finding someone, there is always a way, never let them make you think that you not smart enough or anything because you are, everyone has something special, and life is like a series of tests, find a way to free yourself and you will be rewarded more ways than you can think of. 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Cries Not Being Heard...

Seeing a lot of stories and stuff these days about this, about people committing suicide. We continue to focus so much effort in awairing people about these stories, but very few of us really takes the time to really put in the effort to change it. I have tried and tried for days, months working on speaking out and doing what I can to create change, but the people in power, the companies and community people who say they here for us ( like school boards ) are more focused on the well being of " their image ", meaning they worried about people wanting to share their ideas no matter how many support is behind it because they are scared that it will backfire and it will look bad to them, not focusing on the real focus, that needs to be on the students, the people, the community and giving those who need it to feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated, and to feel special in their school or wherever it is. Once they actually stop caring about themselves and start to care more about the people they say they work for, things will be much MUCH better, things can truly change. It is in their hands mostly, the people in power, school boards and so on, but they continue to pretend, or not focus on what they really need to be doing, OR that they do not have the mental ability to do so, meaning they may have had hard times in their life and now the people who say they work for us is more focused on themselves, and less on the people because of their troubled history. There must be a mental test for those in power who really look as though they are only focused on themselves more, and can not see that they are putting more effort on themselves than others. No one can truly change things if the people in power is stuck, focused, and glued on themselves and their needs.

I have visited my old high school one day, and talked to my old teachers, they were real nice and stuff, but cause of the new principle, who was real strict and so focused on her own needs. she did not even take any time to hear the idea I had, sure she had the time to let me sit down with her to talk about it, but she told me that I had NOTHING to show her because I do not have the experience, like a degree in something, EVEN THOUGH I had life coaches, and doctors who said that what I had to show was something that would really help schools and so on. She didn't even ask if I had the contact info for them ( which I do ) . If they do not even take the time to sit down and hear an idea, or even read an idea, then how can someone tell them anything, even at assemblies and so on? People must be tested before putting them in a big strong position that should be focused on others, not themselves, and I mean more than just getting a degree and studies and so on.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Employment Stress ( an article about my current situation, and thoughts about how hard it is to get a job )

This is an article that I writing about my experience with trying to get a job in my field, having graduated from College and have got my mind focused on getting a job in my field ( computers ) and can not even get a single job, applying for over 15 jobs a day ( all entry level, junior, or intermediate, and would like to point out that it has been like 2 YEARS ), contacting recruiter after recruiter on various sites such as linkedin and so on. I have been stressing, not like getting angry or depressed and so on, but it has gone to the point that its causing me to one, but more like feeling as though for my field, all they looking for is people with work experience, even for entry level positions, telling me that they finding better people for an entry level position..... entry level, positions meant for people with NO WORK EXPERIENCE ( or little ), and yet I am not qualified. And yet, I am being told by trainers that I get to improve my skills, telling me that I am real good at what I do ( web development and testing ). I am honestly thinking giving up on getting a programming based job, cause it is close to IMPOSSIBLE. Sure they are well paid, but its getting a job that is more important than the money I COULD BE GETTING. Also, knowing that it has been 2 years and the only job that I could get was from a family friend and was only 4 months of non paid work. Knowing that I only worked for 4 months, and having a big gap on my resume, I starting to think that I will not be able to get a job next year AT ALL.

As I mentioned, this is really getting me stressed, not in the way that it makes me feel angry, not in the way that I would cry over it, but more like being so focused knowing that I have what it takes to DO the work, but not being able to HAVE it. With people telling me I have the skills to do the work, and yet being told that I am not qualified for an entry level position, I feel as though things are messed up, how is getting a general labor work easier than an entry level computer position..... general labor, easier to get because as some ads show, you can simply walk into their office and have your little interview without waiting and being hired on the spot ( as some kijiji ads say ). Yet when it comes to an entry level computer job, You can be told that you are not qualified for the position, even if the position was for recent grads....... I honestly feel like simply getting a general labor job not because i give up, not because i feel as i do not have the skills because I DO, but because at least one, i CAN get a damn job, and they most likely will not say that someone is not qualified for an entry level, recent grad position, other that or going to university and going into a program that i want to go into AND that I can get a job from.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Makes One A Champion?

What makes one a champ, makes one special, and makes one on top of the world? Is it the effort of one to make themselves look better than everyone else around them, in order to be looked at as the most impressive looking person ever? Is it taking any opportunity you can find, not caring about the moral choices and so on, just to take hold of the top spot?

Being a champion can be earned, and named in all sorts of ways, no matter what choice one takes, there will always be people who will disrespect, hate, and many more things. Depending on the situation, the hate given to a champion may have a lot of proof behind that hate, such as someone cheating, bullies his way up, and misleading others in order to become a champion. That type of champion who would cheat, bully, and mislead, could be shown as a selfish, and egotistical, self centered, and greedy champion.

One should show respect, kindness, determination, courage, desire, benevolent, and to never play with people's emotions for self gain. To be a respected champion, one must push as hard as they can and improve their skills and work to gain the top prize without looking at any cheap tricks. A true respectful champion focuses on others than themselves, focus on creating something special not just for themselves but for others.

The path to become something special has many paths and choices. Depending on what path you choose to make, there will always be consequences, always be people who will try to bring you down. Stay strong and believe in what you doing. If you want to be respected and looked up to, focus on being benevolent, and always think of whats best for the people. Do what you believe is right, if you really strongly believe that you matter more than others, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Choose your path, and never blame others for what you done.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Thoughts From A Tortured Soul

This is just a little something I chose to write up, from watching segments from WWE of a wrestler named Bray Wyatt. WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ARE NOT MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. It is just a little creepy thing I felt like making after seeing Bray Wyatt, please look him up and you will understand, And also because it is ( at the time this was published ) Friday the 13th.

The walls around you, trapped in them, isolated, alone, but they will never leave you. They are there to keep you safe from the unknown, the world outside is a scary place, why would anyone want to break them, the walls that you have always known, the walls that has been with you for such a long time that you know everything of them. Every little mark of them, everything that they do, even allowing you to change the way they look by any means. No one will send you away for messing up your walls.

Fire are your friends too, keeps you safe from harm, warms you up in cold times. Warms your body and soul in so many different ways, creates a smile on your face when you feel so cold and frozen, shows you the way and gives you hope. When feeling cold, it can light a spark and burn a path of enlightenment and turn your life around. Burning in flames will open your mind, your body, and bring out something in you like no other, and build something special in you. Its also a great way to clear body mind and soul of anything.

Screams, I hear so many screams, the sounds of life, fills me with emotions, feelings of life. The sounds so loud that I can hear it from anywhere. Sounds of life so open and so emotional. Why do they choose to resist such an emotional response with all that I give?

You tell me that I am crazy for thinking the way I do, I say thank you, because the world is a crazy place, so many weird things happening in the world, and to be called crazy makes me feel apart of everything. Thank you for thinking that way about me, and including me in this crazy world. How about you come with me to a place that you never dreamed of  ....  > : )

Song Lyrics To The Fallen

This is a list of 3 songs lyrics ( not written by me ) for those who have lost someone in any way:

Hammerfall: The Fallen One

I saw your face in the morning sun
Oh, I thought you were there
I heard your voice as the wind passed me by
Silently, whispering my name
So many things that I wanted to say
Forever left untold
I still remember the tears that you shed
Over someone else
Our love could never die
All I can do is cry
Save a little prayer for the fallen one
There is a light down at memory lane
Slowly fading away
Still holding on to the dreams torn apart
I will follow my heart
Our love could never die
All I can do is cry
Save a little prayer for the fallen one
Still on my own, chasing the sun
Of a time long ago
The shade in my heart, tearing apart
Everything that I long for
I saw your face in the morning sun
Oh, I thought you were there
I heard your voice as the wind passed me by
Whispering my name
Our love could never die
All I can do is cry
Save a little prayer for the fallen one

Hammerfall: Always Will Be

Our sun is set, our day is done, I'm left here wondering
Is this the end, my final words to you
Day turned to night and now you're gone, I'm left here pondering
Can this be true, are we really through

You were the wind beneath my wings, taught me how to fly
With you I lived among the kings, how could this ever die

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever,
And I always will be

We were one, we were all, we were the only
Future full of hope, nothing could stand in our way
But dreams can change, visions fall, I feel so lonely
I would walk through fire for just one more day

You were the angel of my life, taught me to be free
Now I'm a stranger in your eyes, walls are closing in on me

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever
And I always will be
Missing you, in my heart you are the one
And you always will be

When I turn to the east, I see no dawn,
But after darkness comes the light
And when I turn to the west, the silent night hides all
Where is the light that shines so bright

So I say farewell, I'm yours forever
And I always will be
Missing you, in my heart you are the one
And you always will be

Nah-nah-na, and you always will be
Nah-nah-na, and you always will be
And you always will be
My little one you are
And you always will be

Hammerfall: Glory To The Brave

Snow is falling down on this glorious land
Colours fading, turning into white again
To fallen heroes angels sing, they cry their winter tears
Endless mourning days will turn to years

So this is goodbye, I take leave of you and
Spread your wings and you will fly away now, fly away

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Every solemn moment I will treasure inside
Even though it's hard to understand
That a silent wind can blow the candle out
Taking everything leaving the pain far behind

You call out my name, but your voice is fading
Into the wind, embraced, you'll fly away now, fly away

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

My eyes are closed I feel you're faraway ( so close )
Far beyond that shining star
I know you'll find what you've been fighting for
Far beyond that shining star

Down on bended knee I pray, bring courage to these Souls
Make'em live forever in the heart of the bold
So I say farewell my friends, I hope we'll meet again
When my time has come to fall from grace

So this is goodbye, I take leave of you and
Spread your wings and you will fly away now, fly away

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave


Nothing on earth stays forever
But none of your deeds were in vain
Deep in our hearts you will live again
You're gone to the home of the brave

Enough Focus on Awareness! ( relates to bullying )

People already know about what bullying is, about. knowing how bad it can get, how horrific it can be. People can simply walk out of their house, see someone crying while being laughed at or beaten up, and be aware of it, or even see it on Youtube and on the news. People are " aware " of it, but yet the people in power continue to focus on giving people a chance to speak out and have their voice heard and to have other people be " aware " of it. When will they learn that we are done with this focus of having bullying be aware, and finally take action? When will they really try to make something that will give those victims of bullying, something that will make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and appreciated not just in their area they are in ( school or wherever ), but in life?

People are not blind, people are not forgetful when it comes to seeing people in fear and pain. How can the people in power ( school boards and so on ) not feel, not realize, not understand that the time for talk is over?! its time for change, its time for something that will bring about a brighter future for those in need.

Awareness is a word used by the people in power to push aside the most important issues that face their schools, so that they can focus on " the living ". We need to come together and find the way to change their mind, and work to create a future that gives everyone a chance to shine, not just for those who are living, but for everyone. To turn their focus from awareness to action.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Time For Me To Do Me ( to do something for me )

I have tried to be heard from a certain school board for over a year, emails, Facebook posts, speeches done at town hall meetings, and going to a few schools talking to a few principles. I have worked hard at creating hope for victims of bullying by giving an idea that I really believe would be able to give those who are suffering a chance to truly show what they have to offer, and to feel needed, wanted, and appreciated in their school. I have spent so much time trying to be heard. After such a long time, I think that I have finally reached someone from there. However, it has been over a year, way over 12 months, I have been unemployed for such a long time because I was focused on making people's lives better in schools. I have put so much effort in having my idea heard for so long. I have been so focused on helping people for so long, back when I was in high school ( I am 23 years old now so you can figure out how long that is ). I have done so much for others, that I have not took the time to think about myself and my future and so on.

I am not saying that I am stopping my blog and stuff, still going to be doing this when I can. However, I have to think about my future at this point. I still feel strong about anti bullying and wanting to make people feel better and so on, but sometimes in life, you need to think about yourself and create a future for yourself and so on if you understand what I am saying. I still want to help people and give people hope and so on, have done so much for others for so long. However, at this point, I need to focus on having a future, having a job having a career and so on.

Just thought I would write a little article about whats going on and so on.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Suicidal Death AND Accidental Death

Suicide, choosing to end it all, having suffered one way or another so much, that makes one think of ending it by ending their own life. This is something that no one with a soul would ever want to hear that someone, especially someone they care about, is even thinking about it. Suicide is, most of the time, a choice made by someone who just can't take it any more, sometimes it may be the only choice to make to escape their horrific situation. Most of the time, the people who choose to commit this action can not take being isolated, being bullied, feeling hurt from people's words, and various other bullying things. There are of course certain situations, for example, being brutally abused by people, but ignored by the ones with the power to stop it, but sometimes, words can dig deep down and cause someone to choose an action that they can never turn back and change. Suicide is a choice that people can choose any time. However, being an OPTION, it is one that one needs to think about very very carefully before taking. Look carefully at the situation, is it one that is so horrific, one that is so chaotic, that it can never change even after 10 or 20 years, like being stuck with an abusive person, such as an ex boyfriend / girlfriend ( or ex wife or husband ) who does not seem to understand that it's over and stays in the house and abuse you and so on. Is the situation you are in right now something that bad, or worse? Is your situation not so bad, like being verbal abused, something that can be real tough especially at a young age, but can end and be changed. For the spiritual people out there, suicide is something that is never acceptable, if your situation was being isolated and feeling lonely, and you choose to end it, you are making the choice to end your life, meaning you are showing that you are not strong enough to " pass the test that god set for you ". However, if your situation was horrific and something that is really horrible, then your choice may be the only way that god gave you to save your life, by bringing you up to "god" and to give you a better life up in haven. God has made every one of you special, gave you skills that no one else has. Have created you in god's image, and like everyone knows, is always giving and always fair and so on. Also, if god puts you in a situation where it may be really tough on you, god would want to test you, to see how you react to certain situation, to see what type of person you choose to be. Life is like a large test, if you choose to push on and do not let the feeling of "ending it " control you, like the saying goes, more pain, more gain. Show the world that you have what it takes to stand up to hate and so on, and life will give you something special.

Now for the second section to this article, Accidental death. It is sad when someone dies in an accident, a car hitting another car, someone accidentally bumps into someone, and one of them falls onto something and.... well you understand what I am saying. Very sad situations, but some situations may not seem as bad as they really are. Yes death is always bad and horrible, however, if the person who dies, if that person has done so much horrific things, such as trapping people in a basement and abusing them and so on, is it really that bad? Before you respond to what I just said, think about it for a second. if someone was doing so many horrific things, probably went out and abuses people and drinks while driving and then one day he crashes accidentally. There is always a reason to every action. God could be protecting people from him or her. God could be watching out for others.

Now I do feel, believe, and know that every single death no matter what the situation is, every single death is horrific and sad. However, SOME deaths may have a story behind it, a really horrific story that no one would ever want to be in or apart of in any way. Always prey for those who passed on, always hope for better for others, always prey that things will be better for others and so on, but never let sad moments control you or bring you down, No one truly knows how someone is, what their life story was, what they done or what happened to them. Always know that they have gone to a better place, and if its something you cared about, just know that they may ( depending on the situation ) be looking down at you and wishing for the best for you.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bullies Do What They Do Because....

Bullies bully because all they want is to feel comfortable about their rough time life, and wish to bring others to feel worse then they do so they can feel happy.

Bullies abuse because they feel as though you don't understand that they are not happy, and instead of explaining and taking the time to say how they feel, they go to the extreme by abusing you, just to show you that they not happy, and that they need something ( or need you to do something ) to make them feel better about their life, such as crying for them, simply picking something up, looking at something, or worse.

Bullies force people to do things that they say will benefit them because they do not understand how to beg for forgiveness properly. They do not understand that forcing others, no matter what it is, makes people upset, scared, and feel worse than they were before, or they don't even care how you feel, as long as you say what they want you to say, like " I forgive you " just so that they can tell you that you told them that your ok with what they forcing you to do because you " forgave them ". They don't understand that money ( or anything )  will never change what you have done to someone's soul.

Bullies embarrass others just for their entertainment. They don't care about your feelings, they only care about themselves, and how they feel.

Bullies make fun of others because they want to find ways to make you feel bad about yourself in any way they can. They want you to respond in a bad way so that they can laugh and feel happy seeing you get in trouble for something that they started.

Bullies do what they do because they only care about how they feel, and some can never change the way they are. In time, they will get whats coming to them, what you give is what you get. If you cause fear to others, in time it will be you who are in fear of others. Bullies may never understand, but in time, they will see one way or another ( like looking back at their life before " the end " ).

Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Bully's Life ( a short story )

One day, there was a bully named Bill, who had little to nothing, and the only thing he could do to make himself feel comfortable was to make others feel worse than he does. He used to go around his school and community, and abused anyone that he came across just so that he can feel better about his life. Causing fear everywhere he went, seeing all of cries around him, he laughs and laughs at all the suffering souls around him. No sign of guilt on his face. In his mind, he thought that it was his responsibility to make himself happy by creating fear and suffering in others, just so he can have his life.

Life seemed so bright in his eyes, not a single sign of happiness around him. After a few days, he walked around at what he has created, but could not see the signs of suffering. Instead, he saw a wall of courage, signs of hope. People bonding together, surrounding him, creating fear in bill's eyes. He started pushing and forcing the bond to break, but couldn't. the "walls" just got closer and closer to the point that there was no sign of escape for bill, no where to run, no where to hide. He went on his knees begging for forgiveness, but ever single one of the people turned their back on him, causing bill to feel isolated, alone, and fearing for his life.

The next day, Bill was still begging and begging any way he can to be seen by the people that he once abused, stole, and bullied. He started doing things that made him look even worse. Using things such as drugs, exposing people ( if you understand what I mean by that ), and various other things. People only felt sorry for what he has become, so much that they felt like Bill needed a time out, meaning JAIL TIME.

He was locked up for years for all he has ever done. However, it has not changed anything, Bill got so used to bullying, abuse, and all of the other things he done, that he thought that no matter what happened to him, he just felt like it was just how his life was. Thought that the other people just had " a problem with the way he living ". Bill continued to do what he always done, continued to abuse, and expose people, beg for forgiveness, serve jail time, and come back out and do the same stuff over and over again.

In time, the people chose to ignore Bill completely, no longer going anywhere near him. Bill could not see anyone around him to take advantage of. He got so angry that he broke  into someone's house to murder them, but when the police came in to arrest him, he tripped and fell onto something and died.

Some bullies will always be bullies, will always want to cause chaos and fear in life for their enjoyment, but in time, it will be them who suffer the most. 

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Quotes of Life

" In 3 words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life: IT GOES ON " ( Robert Frost )

"Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. "
 ( Will Smith )

" Life is a song - sing it. Life is a game - play it. Life is a challenge - meet it. Life is a dream - realize it. Life is a sacrifice - offer it. Life is love - enjoy it. "
( Sai Baba )

"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. "
( Albert Einstein )

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can. "
( Cary Grant )

" The only disability in life is a bad attitude. "
( Scott Hamilton )

" What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds."
( Wayne Dyer )

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Buried Under ( Article about feeling alone )

Being trapped in a real dark isolated space, feeling lonely and bleeding from the inside. Breaking mentally, and physically, breaking apart. Feeling depressed, sad, alone, trapped in this place with no sign of light. Down and gone, my soul lost, people may be around, but yet I the one isolated, trapped. 

People burying, isolating, breaking others down in ways that make people feel buried, making people want to bury themselves in any way possible to save themselves from others. No longer looking for people for support, scared of the outcome because of their past experiences. Isolated, but yet not alone. 

There are others who feel the same way, others who are also buried in their own issues. Isolated, trapped, not knowing what to do, who to call, or where to go. People in fear of what is to become of them, what could happen, what might happen. People may suffer, but there is always a way out. 

Coming together, bonding together, digging people out of their trapped buried state. The effort to open your hands to others, give them a sign of hope. Give them something that will make them finally feel free. Without any effort, people will continue to be buried deeper and deeper in their hole. Together, we can do more than just dig them out, but show them and give them life. Together, we can uncover everyone's inner strengths, something in them that is like no other. Together, we can be free. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Open Handed People ( meaning those who rather open their hands to others than fist up to you )

The people who are open to anyone and everyone. The people who not afraid to give people a hand. The people who give their life for others. The people who will forever put people before anything else. These are the people who should be in position of power of our communities, but seems that some people are more concerned about having money and more money.

The open handed people understand and know how serious, how bad, and how sometimes horrific life can become. They understand the looks in peoples eyes, the cries for help, even the silent cries. The ones that reach out and bring hope because they know, understand, feel, and also have been through ( or know someone that has ) all the issues that the victims have. Open handed people are those who no matter what situation you are in, they are always there to give you a hand, other to comfort, or support you, or both.

Open handed people live their lives not for the sake of fame or wealth or anything of that sort, but to bring a brighter future for others. We all must aim to open our hearts, our arms, and our hands to those who are suffering, to those who are not truly living. Never do things for others for money, always open yourself to others, FOR OTHERS. Open your hands to the world, and the world will open up to you. :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Dark Painful Path To A Greater Future.

The path to be free, the path to a more livable life, the path to be. It can be a really long, real painful, real rough path to endure and to overcome. It is something that most people face in their life. It is something that can lead one to fall into deep depression, insanity, or WORSE. We continue hearing the cries of those suffering, begging and pleading for something to set them free, but most of the time it is ignored, pushed aside, or worse. Not everyone goes through this however. Most people in power continue to focus their efforts more on keeping those who are " living " a bigger and better future. Guess things will always be better for others than us. 

The suffering of bullying on the souls of victims, really hard to run away from. There are all sorts of bullying in the world, cyber bullying, physical bullying, mental ( verbal ) bullying, all sorts of bullying. Most victims can never get away from it, it can cause one to feel trapped even when they finally out of the place they were suffering in. The world of a victim is a life no one else can truly understand. It can be changed, if only there was something where they can truly show what they can do, something that will make them feel needed, wanted, accepted, and more. No need to worry about spending money to make it work, actions speak louder than words, if only our voices were heard and ideas like that. 

Abuse, scary situation when its in a relationship. It can cause one to do things horrific, or worse. It can cause one to loose all sight of what's right and what's wrong. Can cause mental damage, and cause one to think that hurting is a part of life. Can cause one to continue to hurt one's self even after being out of an abused area. It could be one of the worst things, but can be turned around. Find the right people, not the ones that may seem perfect, every " perfect " man or woman may have a darker, more scarier side to them. Not everyone is, but having suffered the way you have ( you meaning the one suffered ), your life, your health, your mental well being, YOU matter most of all. 

In these dark times, we all need to look for a more brighter side to life. Away to set people truly free. We have kept people " aware " of situations for far too long, how long will " awareness " be the focus, when everyone already knows. When will " action " be the focus? All we have to do is truly stand up, speak up, and create change. Take a stand and make the change. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bullying Must Be Silenced

Bullying may never end, because of greed, revenge, and the addiction of getting noticed. It will always be there in a certain way. However, there are ways to control it, to heal the pain, and to silence the hate. 

The bonds of kindness, and caring of others, creates bonds that can not be broken. Bonds that create a brighter future not only for one, but for many. Does not have to look all colorful and lovely as some may think about the word " love ". It is a feeling, and a form that creates hope for people, and can be made in any way. So always be the way you want to be, look the way you wish to look, but always remember that not everyone feels that way about life, and try to give a hand to them in one way or another, in a harmless manner. 

The sounds of life, the wall of hope, the voice of the people. Giving your time to speak up in any way you can, will bring about a sign of hope for those who do not feel it. Work with others, bond together, and create a better future for all by sharing your hard times, and thoughts on how to help others. 

Bullying may scream, may yell, may break and shatter, but it can be silenced. It may be out of control, but can be controlled. Can be hurtful, but can be healed. All you need to do is stand up and speak out and give your hand to those in need, and they will do the same. 

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hearts And Souls Of The Suffering ( Bullying, Abuse )

The suffering of bullying, abuse, force, and more. People feeling so down and depressed, but for how long. The more one is bullied, the more stronger they are, and the more smarter they are. The more one is bullied, the more power they have to prove people wrong, to bring a better life for themselves, and also have the power to save others from that. The more one is abused, the more stronger they get deep inside, and when the opportunity comes, they will end the abuse to them forever.

The suffering you may be facing now, is building up something special deep inside you, so deep that you may not be able to feel it until the time comes. You may not feel it at the moment, but its there. They may tell you that you do not have it, but what they really doing is building something deep in you telling you that you do have it, and nothing can stop you from having it or achieving it.

Abuse may be real scary, painful, and suffering, but it opens your eyes to the truth. It opens your mind, eyes, heart and soul. It may not seem like it at first, you might not be able to feel or see it at all, but deep down, there is something building deep down in your heart. When the opportunity comes, you will feel it, see it, and know what you got to do to end the suffering forever.

It may hurt, it may be painful, but in time, things will be reversed. You will feel alive and beyond anything, while they are suffering for their sins.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Great Things About The Life We Live

Some great things about the life we living.

  • Freedom of speech, being able to say whats in your heart, to say what you want about anything. Also, share your thoughts and opinions on things. To vote for what you believe is right. To say what matters most to you, and to have those ideas, thoughts, all that is in your heart, have all of that ignored, and pushed aside, even with the people on your side. Also, for people to abuse that right and force others to believe a certain way, or act a certain way, or look a certain way. 

  • How about the feeling of being alive. Being able to feel so many different things. Being able to feel, touch, smell things. The feeling of being trapped. The feeling of pain, suffering, and scared of doing anything you want because of abuse, bullying, people taking advantage of you, using and playing around with you for their enjoyment. 

Seems like no matter what you do, things will always look bad. Things will always be rough, hard, tough, and plain ugly at times. Why do we continue to strive, to fight the good fight, to bring light to all of the chaos. Because we can, because we see what is, because the people who has the power to change things, those who say they work for us, don't seem to want to listen or care for us ( the community ). We fight because its something we truly believe in, something that we know deep down that this life that we are in, is suffering, and can be much better with just A LITTLE EFFORT. They may not want to listen, but their " job " is to make us feel comfortable, to feel safe. If we do not feel comfortable, we have the right to take action, or to leave and find a new place, in order to send a message to those who promise change, but do very little to nothing to show for it. All we need to do is speak up, work together, and send a message. All we got to do is stand up and speak out.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Money The Issue.... Really?

Money, all that seems to matter these days. So many focus on money, like it is the source of control over change. Like the one with the most money can truly make the most change. People wishing for change, but reaching for gold. Sounds strange that the greedy saying that they will help to bring change, stealing money from people, showing it off by what they spend on, and promises for a better future for the suffering. How does that sound to you?

Now I not saying getting money and working to be rich is a bad thing, as long as you do it the right way, and also don't speak bullshit, meaning stay true, always speak the truth. If you promising for better future for the suffering, then stop focusing  all of your money for " the living ". STOP SHOWING OFF!! If you are all about the money and want to give " the living " all they want, then admit it and stop bull shitting about " promises for change " if it will never happen from you.

For those who think " well how can change be made with no or little money? " or something like that. Well think of it this way, Having an anti bullying group in schools, posting papers of the logo and name of the group that has been drawn out with a pencil. No need to worry about money, doesn't even have to be any special type of paper. The view of change is not important, the actions, the efforts, the planning for change is much more important than having colorful lights and sounds and so on. If money really matters that much, then screw the money, but don't let the money be the reason why we have to stop the changes for better life.

I would like to also mention that being online and sharing these thoughts on life is free, and people listen and like and give feedback and share and so on, seems like there more efforts from us than the greedy ones who " promises " change.

A quote from a rapper
"Are you a mess?
Well money can buy you respect and success
Are you depressed?
Well money can buy you happiness so invest
It's all about winning, coming up and knocking down
Is your head spinning? Money makes the world go round
And around..."
"Why are we so concerned with our money?
If it's the root of evil why are we still planting seeds? "

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A Window To A True Safe Life

Looking out my window, seeing what life could be. Freedom for all, the light shining on every one of us. A life of no fear, signs of hope everywhere. Everyone having their time to be somebody, to show what they truly made of. To be the way they want to be, and not what they wish they can. A world where people's voices are truly heard, not ignored or pushed aside. A world of true life for everyone, no longer in fear or suffering.

All students truly safe from harm. Taking a stand, taking control, showing all that they have to offer. A world where the bullies are slapped in the face, not my hand, but by a new stronger force of anti bullying in every school. No longer is there any student forced in isolation, forced to live their lives scared and in fear, and no longer will any one student have to worry about their cries for help being ignored in any way.

A view of true light. No longer is there any voices unheard, no opinion pushed aside, no thought ignored. No longer is there cries for help, but cries of happiness.

The world I see out of my window is just so much more worth living then what It is inside. In the world we are in now, hate, bullying, selfishness, hate, people who are so fixed on their own needs of the world. With the cries for change of the suffering being ignored and pushed aside, will this world ever be the way that is shown out my window, or will we be forever trapped inside, our voices unheard, the cries for help ignored.

They say they doing what they can to change the world, yet they continue to focus on the people " living" and less on the people " suffering ". We must make it balance, keep making life better for both sides, not just push aside the victims to a dark corner of " the room " while the people feeling alive and awake having full control of it. They may make the rules, but it is us as people, as the community that they have to work for and have to listen to, even if they try their hardest to ignore, to change things for the better. All we have to do is stand up and speak.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Leader Of Life ( LOL )

A time for change is now. We all understand what is happening in the world. We all know of all the pain that's in the world, the suffering, the cries for help. The cries for anti bullying, the cries to stop. The worried faces, the scared souls. When will we truly take action in bringing about change? Well I believe NOW is the time to create a real strong stand against all the pain, bullying, all of the suffering needs to end.

What do you think of these points: 

  • A group of leaders, who strongly believe that things need to change
  • A group where no matter who you are, you are welcome, as long as you have that burning flame for change inside you
  • A group where no matter where you are, you have people to reach out to that ready and able to help you feel comfortable, and who will help you through the dark times
  • A group where anyone, with any skills, can join, if you have that passion for change, you welcome in this group 
  • A group that will work with you to get your voice heard, to get our voice heard. For example, if you not good at creating a speech, we  ( the members )  will create one for you together, to make it the best it can be, so then all you got to do is go out there and read it. 
  • A group that will not stop, until the voices of the voiceless are truly heard, and everyone is truly free. 

I wish to create something to truly stick out and something that is stronger than any. My intention is NOT to ruin or break up any bond with other places, but BOND them together, bond everyone together who have the passion, the desire for change. I have created a Google community ( link below ) , call it a base of operations, it is only a start for bigger and better things. I believe the very first step in starting something like this would first be gathering people. I do not call them ( you ) followers because in this group, there is no ONE leader, but many. We all have it in us to become leaders, to support, help, lead, and create something new, and thus we all will be considered leaders, supporters, helpers.  NO ONE PERSON WILL EVER TELL YOU THEY ARE BETTER, NO ONE PERSON WILL TAKE THEIR IDEAS AS JUST ( meaning if someone wanted to create a speech and say that this is what everyone will read, and no editing or anything can be put into it, that is a sign of force, and will not be tolerated in this TRUE FREE SPEAK group, anyone who joins and spreads out anything and says that it was apart of our work, without the group knowing anything about it, will be kicked, the group is meant so that no one is left out, we will make sure that most of the people in the group have seen and gave their opinion on anything that is shared before it goes out to others ). This group is and will be focused on free speak, support, leadership, kindness, and above all else, the caring of other people's opinions, words, way of life, feelings, and any other issue related to what has been mentioned. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Friday, Not The Best Day For Everyone

Well its Friday, final day of school, the day to forget about your job and to do what you want for 2 and a half days. The day to feel alive, away from all of that stress of work and relaxing with all that you got and all that you do. Turn up the music, party all night, and forget about your worries about work and so on. If only everyone could feel that way, and have all that.

Fridays are not a day to feel alive to everyone. There are people who are scared of that day, and even the word " Friday ". The voiceless, the isolated ones, the scared suffering ones, the people stuck in abusive life ( meaning with an abusive partner or family or something), how can they feel alive?

Fridays are days of celebration, relaxing, and so on, but you can not forget about those who can't have non or very little of that. Always try you best to leave a little time to share your time with them in any way you can. A small online chat, share a drink with them, you never know what little action can do. Any little action of connection can bring about hope, life, and just signs of happiness in their soul. Make this day feel good for those who don't feel it.

Fridays are about getting out of your stressful work week and into a time of living and being you, but you should remember those who can not feel that way about Fridays and try your best to give a little of your time for them. Share your happy life with those who can't, even if its for a little while. This day is all about feeling free, why not reach out your hand to them and make it a day of freedom for everyone :)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

What Is Freedom?

What is " freedom" these days? What is it to be safe? With so much bullying and chaos and so many greedy " community organizations " in the world, how can we truly be free? With people stealing and taking our ideas, our life, our souls, and many more, what is it to really "be"?

People say "ending it" will set one free. People say that's just how life is. People say just deal with it. How long shall we simply deal with all the wrong in the world? With the stories of horrific issues, deaths, suicide, abuse, and worse, how can we truly make our voice heard?

Some may feel free, but what about those suffering? Shall we continue to focus more on giving " the living " more and more things to celebrate their happiness, or focus on doing both, Creating fun and entertainment, as well as ways to give those suffering to stick out and become something special in life. My opinion is that in order for life to truly feel free for all, everyone, " living " or suffering, must have their time to shine, one way or another. Everyone has something special in them, so why not have something for those suffering to truly show what they got? Something to truly make everyone feel wanted, needed, liked, loved, adored, and so on. Really, how hard it is to create something to give the voiceless the chance to have their voice truly be heard?

To me, everyone is not truly free until everyone has their time to shine, in one way or another. Me myself, I have only been good at computer stuff, wasn't really that much of a poet or anything, mostly because of my depressed life in the past caused by bullying. Now the most important thing to me is to make peoples lives better in any way possible, not as a computer engineer, as it says on my resume, but as a leader of life. Some may say that it sounds selfish, but the truth is, every single one of us has what it takes to truly become leaders of life, to truly make big changes in the world, to be somebody. Sure there are things that may block you from being heard, people ignoring you, people seeing you as a no body, or nothing special. If you know that you somebody, and feel it deep down in your soul, in your guts, every inch of you, never let people bring you down. Stand up and prove them wrong, bring out a better life for yourself and for others. Always be you and don;t let others change what you are and who you are. Stand up and make things happen no matter what people do and say. Create true freedom for everyone. All you got to do is stand up and be heard.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Signs of Life ( article about standing up to bullies )

Life as a victim of bullying. Some may say its hell, others a way of life, some may also tell yea that it never leaves even after leaving the place where you got bullied. Like dark shadows following you everywhere you go. I have been through a hell of a lot myself, can cause one to lose it, and also fall into deep depression. Life is never easy for those who are suffering from bullies, especially in schools. Some schools have teachers that are there to help you and give you a place to feel safe, but also some teachers that just wish and beg that you stop complaining and may even blame you for what is happening to you. Can be really bad.

HOWEVER, there will always be someone who cares, someone who understands, and someone who is on your side. Other someone around, or people online, there is always people for everyone ( like the saying " there is always someone for everyone " ). Always be yourself, the bullies do not bully because they hate you, they always bully for one reason, attention. Later in life, you will see that you have something special, and you will see people who like you for you.

There are always signs of life. Signs that make you feel welcomed, alive, awakened, and feeling great about things. I know how it feels, you can see the link to my story below. Always remember to never let them change who you are. Always be yourself, the more they bully you, the more you should prove them wrong. Use it to your advantage, and in the future, you will see yourself on top, and them with less.

an idea i have for anti bullying:

So Pointless To Take Action ( sarcastic title, you will see what I mean from the article )

Its so pointless to talk about bullying, when people are in fear and falling into depression. Its so pointless to take action against abuse, when people are suffering in " horrific relationships " ( abusive relationship ). Its pointless to stop thieves when people's precious possessions are being forced out of people's hands. No need to listen to the cries of the people, when millions of suffering hands are reaching out, begging for change. Why save the lives of the suffering when we can have dances, sports, things that will bring happiness to those living.

As you probably have guessed, that paragraph on top was just sarcastic. The reason i wrote that was that those in power that choose to ignore any single cry for help, those in power that hear from victims of " hell ", but yet continue to do what they normally do, without even trying to change. Now I am not talking about every single person in power, there are those good ones. However, I can think of a few, and have made speeches to a few, that do ignore, that do choose to push away people who stand up and give out so much knowledge of how things can be better, but they choose to ignore. Some of them ignore just because your experience is not written down, like a resume. Think about it for a second, what matters more, the effort one takes to create change, the effort to stand up and speak out, having people listening to them, especially having doctors and life coaches support your actions. Does that matter more than having something written down on a piece of paper ( resume )?

These things need to change. We together need to look at who is in charge of our lives, school boards in control of the schools that our kids go to, the places where they tell you that you will be safe, but yet you hear so much sad stories about the place. We as people need to stand up and demand a change, to be heard, and to take control of our lives, and make things better not just for you but for everybody. We have a voice to change this, each and every one of us has something special, something that can really make a big difference and create a better future for everyone. All we got to do is stand up and be heard.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Call For Heroes And Leaders

I will be posting a few blog posts about my thoughts for a little while ( few days ). I have made various poems and song lyrics in the past, feel free to go and look them up, but right now, I wish to get myself back to what really matters to me, Creating change, hope, and life for the voiceless. " the voice of the voiceless"

 My first article is about how this world needs people to stand up, voices and sounds of life. In a world with so many problems, bullying, abuse, people in power ignoring the cries for help from those who they say they are helping, so many people in need of change. How can they continue to let the suffering continue, are the people in power simply ignoring the cries, or is this their way of revenge for the pain that they suffered? How long can they continue to take advantage of us, to steal from us, to use the cause for a better life to simply increase their income or fame? What can we do to change this!?!

I have made various articles in the past, few of the links are below, about ways to stop bullying in schools. their must be something that will show our kids that they have something to give. Every one of us is special in our own way, and there must be something put in place to allow students to freely show what they can do, NOT including dance competitions and so on. I am talking about something where students can truly show what they can do to change things in their schools and even in various other schools. Students who are bullied are likely to fall into depression, as I have in the past. In order to control, and to stop the pain from building into falling into depression, the student needs to know for himself, not just from others, that they have something special. Something that will change the minds of the victims, that they are far better than what anyone tells them. 

Abuse, other in a relationship or in a family, is usually caused by lack of understanding, or a mental issue. A sign of this could be from having suffered in the past ( example, bullied in some way ) that lead one to have a hateful feeling for certain people. If someone was suffering so much to the point that they started to hate the slightest positive comment to someone else, it can cause them to abuse someone. My point in mentioning this is that abuse is always a mental issue. My reason for mentioning this is not to defend abuse in any way, NOT AT ALL. My reason is to stop abuse, we must control that " mental case ". If, however, it can not be control, then that person, the abusive person, must be locked up, or shown the same, weather its locking them in a room with videos of abuse playing, showing that person what he has been causing to others. If, however, this does not change one's view on life, That person must be locked up, or isolated, saving others from harm. 

My purpose of this article was to give an introduction into how this world needs heroes and leaders, people to step up and to change things. No more shall we wait and watch from the sidelines as the people in power continue to steal, abuse, control our way of life. No longer shall we wait and hope for the best. We will create a better life not just for ourselves but for everybody. We have it in ourselves to make this area better, to make this land better, to make this country better, TO MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER. All we got to do, is stand up.

Links to other articles on my blog:

( my life story ):

Monday, 5 August 2013

All My Poems I Written So Far

enjoy :)

Forever Will Be ( poem )

Down and gone, my heart dead

Feeling stabbed, soul broken, bled

Trapped in a once safe space

This dark place once full of grace

Looking for a sign, struggling to see

Feeling Forever trapped, forever will be

Wall cracks, the light signs through

Feeling something different, it grew

A sign of hope, feeling in me burning

Feeling so different, my life turning

Finally feeling free to be me

Forever free, forever will be

Out of the hole, out of the darkness

Awaken is my soul, no longer feeling heartless

Seeing the world outside, confusing, complicated

Feeling awakened, turning frustrated

Out of the hole, yet darkness all I can see

Forever lost, forever will be

All The Song Lyrics I Have Wrote So Far

Just thought I would put all the songs i have wrote so far in one blog post. Let me know what you think of them.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pain Can Not Stop Us ( new song written by me )

The walls breaking down

By the cries so loud

The strength of out might

Shall end this pointless fight

Hate, now clear and clean

Suffer, no longer seen

No longer down and thus

Pain, can not stop us

Battles long and heavy

Overcame by always staying steady

Victory cries heard around the land

We can finally live our lives so grand

Hate, now clear and clean

Suffer, no longer seen

No longer down and thus

Pain, can not stop us

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Can't Hurt Me No Longer ( song written by me )

Hearing the voices of hate

Now Begging me, your too late 

No Forgiveness no longer

Never going to listen any more

You speak, Can't hear you

You beg, Can't hear you

You Scream, Can't hear you

Can't hurt me no longer

The pain I once felt

By the whips of the belt

The many times of forgiveness 

Walk away from your ignorance 

You speak, Can't hear you

You beg, Can't hear you

You Scream, Can't hear you

Cant hurt me no longer

Hurt no longer

Trust no longer

Pain no longer

You no longer

You speak, Can't hear you

You beg, Can't hear you

You Scream, Can't hear you

Cant hurt me no longer

Struggling Never More ( new song written by me )

Dark times, overcame

Life brighter than a flame 

Suffered through dark times

Finally see the bright signs 

Cries I once shed 

Tears once spread

Out and over forever

Struggling never more

Got out of the darkness

Away from the heartless

Now free to be me

Only if you could see

Cries I once shed 

Tears once spread

Out and over forever

Struggling never more

Darkness, vanished

Pain, no longer

Hate, Gone

I, forever stronger

Cries I once shed 

Tears once spread

Out and over forever

Struggling never more 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Moment For The Ages ( new song written by me )

Moment like these, unheard of

Victories, success, over, above

Moments like this rarely come along

This moment can never be wrong

The moment for the ages

The time for new beginnings

The struggles and stages 

This is a moment for the ages 

Life Forever changing

A lifetime of trailblazing 

Fighting to reach the top 

Focused, determined, nonstop

The moment for the ages

The time for new beginnings

The struggles and stages 

This is a moment for the ages 

Made it to the level 

Finally got rid of my devil

Now its time for me to be

To reach the stars, far as I can see

The moment for the ages

The time for new beginnings

The struggles and stages 

This is a moment for the ages